Ask Alexandra – November 2001

Question #1:


Do you believe that just one person alone can make the world a better place (ecologically and socially)?


Dear Brian,

I do believe that one person can make a difference! It is the philosophy my whole life is based on – I believe I can make a difference.

Large or small, any good we can do is vital. Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi all made a large difference and inspired millions. My friend Chuck Levin and his mother Sylvia have been registering voters at a card table several times a week for over 30 years, and they have made a difference. My beloved, Ian, makes a difference every time he informs someone, after they have thrown a cigarette butt on the ground, why they shouldnt do that. I didnt even know it, but three of my friends became vegetarians because they saw that I was and it made sense to them (I had not even encouraged them in any way).

You can make a difference too! What issues are important to you? If you get involved in a cause, or just live your life following your beliefs, you will make a big difference!

I would love to hear some stories of the “Power of One”-stories about how you made a positive difference in the world – no act too small! Please write to the website (subject title: “Power of One”) and we will put your stories on!

Brian, thank you for writing. I look forward to hearing from you!


Question #2:

Hey Alexandra…just wanted to ask what it is like to be married to a meat eater? I have been vegan for about 6 months and vegetarian for about 2 years. I have only dated vegetarian girls since my entry into the lifestyle. Are you always trying to convert Ian? I just couldn’t make-out with a meat eater. By the way…you are a really beautiful woman and obviously intelligent and strong-willed. Never give up your beliefs.

Chris Lattier

Dear Chris,

I actually dont really mind that Ian eats meat, although I would prefer he didnt. I dont push him about it at all, as I am hoping my example will encourage him to stop, and I am firmly against proselytizing. I did buy him John Robbins book Diet for a New America but so far he hasnt read it and once again I havent pushed it. He will when he he is ready. He eats alot less meat now, just because we dont have alot of it in the house, and really likes the soy alternatives that I buy.

I support you in your desire to only date vegetarians, because I believe that it is important to date people with the same values you have. But dont count out all meateating women! Some terrific ones are waiting for you to come along and provide a role model of healthy, compassionate living for them. Give them a month or so and if they dont agree with your beliefs nor are inspired to go vegetarian, then maybe then is the time to go your separate ways.

Congratulations on your switch to veganism. I am still an egg away from being one (I still eat egg whites). For those of you not familiar with the term, a vegetarian doesnt eat meat nor fish, and a vegan (pronounced vee – gan) is someone who doesnt eat, wear nor use any animal products. No leather, wool or silk, no dairy or eggs or gelatin etc. It is a big switch and not an easy one to make.

Good luck finding some nice, caring women!


Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,

I just wanted to say that I am a VERY big fan of yours. I look forward to seeing you on TV again. Baywatch was never the same without you.

I was wondering who your favorite actors/actresses are, and if any of them have influenced you in the roles you’ve chosen.

Oh and keep up the wonderful work that you do for the environment!

Carol Timberlake

Dear Carol,

I admire Jane Fonda a lot as an activist – she has had a huge influence on me over the years. I love Hugo Anglade (a french actor who was in the movie Betty Blue), and I admire the risks Richard Gere often takes in his movies. I think Mel Gibson’s scene in Lethal Weapon when he had the gun in his mouth ready to commit suicide was terrific. As for women, Dianne Wiest is one of my favorites (she is on Law and Order now, but she was incredible in Independence Day (a film from 1983) and Bullets Over Broadway (a Woody Allen film).

In terms of influencing me in the roles I have taken, I would say that Diane Ladd (with whom I worked last year in Redemption of the Ghost) has shown me that there is a lot of honor in Longevity and Work. That is why I am proud to be a 20 year veteran of this business and why I try and work as much as I can, taking supporting and lead roles in small and big projects, some good, some not so good!

Take care,


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