Ask Alexandra – November 2002

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

First, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your Baywatch diary. It was very interesting to read about all the behind-the-scenes happenings and your interaction with the other actors/actresses.

You mentioned liking country music in your biography. Do you have any particular favorite singers or bands?

I became of fan of John Allen Nelson’s after seeing him in the show Sheena and thought it was neat to see you two are good friends. Have you ever discussed working together on a movie?

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions. I am looking forward to seeing the reunion movie. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Dear Alice,

I had fun writing the diary! I am shooting a film in November but my work schedule is so heavy that I wont be doing a diary for that, but I will be taking alot of photos that will be up on the site in December.

As far as country musicians, I really like Garth Brooks. I like KT Oslin alot too.

I would love to work with John Allen Nelson again. We met while we both we working on a Perry Mason tv movie in 1989, and hit it off immediately. I actually did have an opportunity to work with him on a film he wrote and produced and starred in called “Shelter”. He asked me to play his wife in it, but I was working and couldnt do it. John is still writing and producing, so I hope he extends the offer again in the future!

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your kind words.


Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

I read somewhere that you had two kids, but you said you don’t have any kids! I think i might be confused, or maybe i misunderstood something. Can you please set the record straight and another thing, is it true that you Yasmine Bleeth and Pamela Anderson can’t stand each other? Thanks and may God bless you and your family

Love, Daniela

Dear Daniela,

Hmmmmm, the media has gotten it wrong in both cases here. Firstly, no, Ian and I dont have any kids. That rumor started when I told a magazine interviewer that Ian and I tutored 2 boys, and the magazine printed that Ian and I have 2 boys. When information gets out into the media, it is easy for it to continue being disseminated even if the info is false, because alot of articles are written by researching the internet, so if someone looked my name up on the web, that first magazine article would come up with all the (incorrect) info about me having 2 kids. And so on and so on.

I have never heard that Pamela, Yasmine and I dont like each other! That is so crazy, as we actually get along sooooo well, and I like them both alot. We have enjoyed alot of laughs together. I dont see them much outside of work, but it is always fantastic to see them when we run into each other. Since Yasmine’s character was Stephanie’s sister on Baywatch, I feel very sisterly towards her. I consider myself fortunate to have had so many story lines with Pamela over the 5 seasons I was on the show. We started on Baywatch the same year, and we will always have that bond.

So the moral of the story is… dont believe everything you read! Thank you for asking me personally so I could clear those
rumors up.



Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,

It’s obvious that you were raised with your head on straight, as you keep yourself very grounded. You mentioned sometime ago that one of your “heroes” is director John Sayles. I am curious to know who you’re heroes are for your other interests: acting, environmentalism, and politics?

You are a beautiful and classy lady. Please never change.

Nicholas Sumner

p.s. You’re website rocks!

Dear Nicholas,

My website does rock, doesnt it? And it is all due to my webmaster, Vietly. We have such a great friendship, and I am excited to send photos and such to her, and she always has great ideas for the site.

Politically, I am a real fan of former California state senator Tom Hayden. He was very active in the student and anti-war movements of the 60’s, and he is a strong environmentalist ( he drove an electric car and now has a hybrid), and very involved in social justice issues (fair minimum wage etc). A man who isnt afraid to honestly say what he thinks. Tom was married to Jane Fonda for in the 70’s and 80’s, an activist and woman I greatly admire. He is now married to a wonderful woman, Barbara Williams, an actress who works on Native American and logging issues, and they have adopted a son.

I am also a fan of Ralph Nader. I supported him financially, but I didnt vote for him in the last election because I was afraid that Bush might win if I didnt give the vote to Gore, but now I have decided that in the future I will vote for the best person for the job, not because I am afraid voting for a third party candidate “takes away votes” from someone else who has a better chance at winning. We need to have more than a 2 party system, and it is wimps like me who keep the 3rd parties from having a real say! I am a Green Party member, so I need to vote that way!!!!

Acting wise, I am a big Richard Gere fan. I think he is a brave actor alot of the time. He is not afraid to be human in his work.

In the environmental movement, I admire so many people, like my brother, Jonathan, who founded Ocean Defense International, and Peter Wallerstein, who runs Whale Rescue Team. Both organizations are run on a shoestring budget, with no fancy offices and large salaries. Your donation is not wasted. There is just passion to make the world a better place radiating from both these men.

I admire anyone who volunteers for any issue. It is often not easy in our busy lives, but I guarantee you will get much more back than you give. It is very rewarding.

Thank you for writing,


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