Ask Alexandra November 2013

1) Totally love this movie! Have watched it at least a dozen times now. Just wondering…At what location was “Saving Emily” filmed?
Donna Dolan

I am so glad you liked Saving Emily. You can watch it online and for free here.

We filmed the movie in and around Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and I have filmed 6 movies there. A Woman Hunted, The Boy She Met Online, Demons from her Past, A Sister’s Secret, A Lover’s Revenge and Saving Emily. I love going there to shoot!

I think Michael Riley, the Canadian actor who plays the bad guy in Saving Emily, is a fantastic actor. Bruce Boxleitner is a very funny and kind man. I enjoyed filming that movie, but I recall being frustrated because whenever there was a scene with the three of us, the woman (me) had no lines and it was just the men speaking. I thought there was a sexism there that the writers probably did not realize, but which is pretty typical onscreen. In my real life, we women tend to talk more!


2) I have a question that has killed me these last few days! I really enjoy Alexandra Paul’s movie and one I can’t think of the name to save my live, I have even done research, and no luck! The movie stars Alexandra Paul as a young woman who was kidnapped by a man I believe drives a truck or an RV??? Well he takes her to his house and chains her either inside his house or a hole he dug. Well she escapes while he’s gone and finds a young girl locked up behind a steel door in the basement I believe! This movie is on lifetime! Thank you!
Danielle Smith

Hi Danielle,

Gosh I have wracked my brain and I cannot recall doing a movie with that storyline. If you go to and put in my name in the search bar, you will come up with a list of the 14 Lifetime movies in which I have starred. I have, of course, been tied up quite a bit in those movies, and always escaped, but I do not remember finding a girl locked up in the basement, except my daughter in the horror movie House of the Damned.

Please let me know if you remember the title!

Best wishes,

3) What is your favourite episode from Baywatch? Thank you and take care.
With love from Helen

Hi Helen,

I had to think about this one, as it has been 20 years since those episodes! Masquerade was totally fun, because I got to work in every scene with David Hasselhoff, whom I adore, and also because it was so different – Stephanie Holden goes undercover! And rolls around on the bed with Mitch!

I actually found a clip on YouTube and had a big smile on my face watching it – so much I had forgotten about the episode! I remember I had to do cabaret act in a montage in that episode, and I worked with my acting teacher Doug Warhit on it a lot, as I was nervous, but I was really proud of the outcome.

I also really liked going to Hawaii with the show, which I did twice – once when we did a 2 part episode there, and when we shot the Baywatch reunion movie in 2002. I have a lot of photos and a day to day diary. I also have an awesome fight scene with Gena Lee Nolin.

Any shows that I did with David Chokachi or Jaason Simmons were awesome. I remember once doing a scene with Jaa and we both got the giggles and, like kids, were reprimanded by the director, but we could not stop laughing! I loved Go for the Gold, and of course it was awesome when we had guest stars like Mary Lou Retton, Randy Travis and the Beach Boys on the show.

Truth be told, I had such fun being on Baywatch that every show was an amazing experience!

Thanks for allowing me to go down memory lane. I loved looking at the YouTube clips from the shows I mentioned, above.

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