Ask Alexandra – November 2015

1) Hi Alexandra. One of your earlier questions was the same one I wanted to ask you about ” Christine ” which was a great movie but I’ll skip over to another topic but still relating to cinema. Nowadays, a lot of films are remade thus ruining the luster and good name of the original…Psycho, for example. I mean how many different Batman movies can there possibly be? ,Since you did some movies, what do you think about the Hollywood suits remaking movies or re-imagining them into new films and what would you think if ” Christine ” was re-introduced as a remake of the 1983 film?

Thank you.

Hi Jarrett,

I saw Christine’s producer, Richard Kobritz, about 3 weeks ago and he told me a studio had bought the rights to remake Christine. Although the 1983 version definitely still holds up 3 decades after it was filmed, I would not be averse to seeing what someone would do with that story now. Probably concentrate too much on the special effects and the gore and not enough on the high school relationships, though. I would want to play Arnie’s mother this time!

I starred in the remake of the movie Piranha. The original was written by John Sayles, of whom I am a big fan, so I was proud to be part of the remake as the script was very similar. Plus I loved working for the iconic film producer Roger Corman (who made the first movie too). We even paid homage to the original by keeping some of the rabid piranha shots.

There is going to be a Baywatch movie, which is not a remake but more a movie slightly reminiscent of a tv series. I am happy about it because the brand will become familiar to a new audience.

Best wishes to you,

2) Judging from your Tedx talk, you must have read Allen Weissman’s brilliant “Countdown”. you might want to recommend it to readers/fans who want an entertaining and mind expanding exposure to our greatest population theorist. Incentivizing and suggesting smaller families has worked in diverse settings. Thanks for talking about the great white human elephant in the room!


Hi Debbie,

Yes I have read Countdown and I thought it was excellent. Alan Weisman also wrote The World Without Us, about how the world would thrive without humans (upon which a documentary was also made). I do recommend that book and I appreciate you reminding me to update my page on overpopulation to include it!

Thank you for watching my TEDx talk. I am always so happy to hear that others understand how important lowering the fertility is for quality of life for future generations. There is so much emphasis on how a smaller population will affect the economy, but we are going to have to stop growing at some point, so until then we are just perpetuating a Ponzi Scheme and making it so much harder for our children and grand children to have quality of life.

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