Ask Alexandra – November/December 2016

1) Hi, Alexandra,

Every time I come across an interview with you, you always seem so cheerful, friendly, grateful, and pleasant. I think this is so nice and very encouraging; more people could do with having these qualities. The world would be a more peaceful place if they did.

I really admire your “Ask Alexandra” section. Fans love to interact, and being able to communicate with and be heard and acknowledged by the people they look up to is truly special. It can make someone’s day.

I also think that the work you do for animals is wonderful. Every life, however big, however small, has value and deserves love, and I know that you have made a positive difference to the lives of so many people and animals. Any person who protects the life of another is a hero, no matter who they are or where they are in life. You’ve helped grow my appreciation for and interest in pet adoption, too. Thank you.

Hope all is well and that you know that you are beautiful and respected and loved by many.

God Bless
Kind Words Daily

Hello Kind Words Daily:

I appreciate what you wrote to me. It makes me feel good to read it.

And now if I may return some kind words: I believe the idea of trying to say nice, meaningful things each day is very powerful. As a wellness coach and a student of Positive Psychology (and the last two books I read were Positivity and The How of Happiness, so you can see I am interested in this topic), I know that saying kind things is very powerful. So thank you for your mission and for choosing me today!

Your note has inspired me to be even more aware of the importance of saying supportive, loving things to people – even if it is just a word or two.



2) You are highly underrated as an actor (the fate of beautiful women) but your activism shows how dedicated a humanist you are. Your best performance was “Christmas Crash” but it never appeared on VHS or DVD. Please see if you could advocate for that, because your public deserves to see it!

Nathan Wise

Hi Nathan,

I am glad you liked Christmas Crash. It was a movie I did with Michael Madsen up in Vancouver, Canada in 2009. I have a lot of photos from that shoot here and had a fun time filming it. Especially since I got to work with my Rough Air costar Annie Openshaw again!

Christmas Crash is not available on DVD or online, unfortunately. Your best bet is to contact the production company, Nasser Entertainment. They might have a DVD copy lying around to send to you, if you explain to them what a big fan you are and to what lengths you have gone to obtain it!

Good luck!


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