Ask Alexandra – October 2000

Question #1:

Hello Alexandra!

As I read that you are learning Spanish, I will write some words en espanol, ox? I’m a sport-woman since I was born, the first sport was Atletismo (en espanol) and the second one is the tennis. The last one has given me the possibility to go to a University of USA on the next month. You can imagine how I am. The thing is, that I am very happy but I’m eating to much food. Once, I read that you had had some problems with the food, How did you finish it? Please, Alex, I need your advice.

Muchisimas gracias por tu atencion y mucha suerte en todas tus cosa.


Dear Brenda,

If we find we are eating too much food, most of the time it is emotional. However, if I dont eat enough protein, I find I will eat more sugar. Also, make sure you have a little fat in your diet – fat gives you a full feeling and keeps your stomach satisfied for longer.

If I am eating too much, it is usually because I am avoiding my true feelings. Are you nervous about moving to the United States? It is a good idea to ask yourself “What is REALLY going on with me? What am I feeling right now?” Earlier this week I was driving home from the grocery store and I was eating the granola I had bought in the car. I realized that it was because I didnt want to go home because we had a houseguest I didnt know very well, and I was worried about entertaining her by myself (Ian was at a meeting). A small thing, yes, but I did eat alot of granola over it, until I realized what was REALLY going on in me. Then the need to eat diminished.

I eat a little every 3 hours, so I dont tend to overeat at a sitting (except when I am not dealing with my feelings, like the above example). When you come to America, avoid all fast food places (too high in fat and calories) and dont always eat everything on your plate, as the portions here are much larger than in other countries. I met a woman from Sweden who said she gained weight when she came to the U.S. even though she ate only salads – because they were BIG salads!

Take care. Good luck with your tennis, and thank you for opening your heart to me. Alexandra

Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

As a talented and experienced actress, I was wondering if you ever found it frustrating to do scenes with cast member who had never acted before? Who were most of your favorite scenes with and did you feel a difference in your performance when doing a scene with someone you thought was a talented actor?


Dear Jenna,

I have worked with many first-time actors – mostly on Baywatch – and I dont mind it at all. I have worked with many veterans also (Jeff Bridges, Tom Hanks, Diane Ladd, Craig T Nelson) and I think that the thing that drives me crazy and negatively affects my performance is when an actor doesnt know his lines! And it is mostly veterans who dont know their lines (but all of the ones mentioned above did and were wonderful to work with), because new actors so want to do well . I lose respect for an actor immediately if he/she doesnt know their lines (I once had a love interest in a film who seemed like he hadnt even made an attempt to memorize his lines, and it severely affected our on-screen chemistry because I was so disgusted with him).

I actually am best (I think) when I am acting with kids. Maybe because they are so natural that I relax also. They usually dont have alot of experience, but they are having a good time, which is so important. I have worked with a few whiny actors (who are always irritated about something) and I dont enjoy that at all! I am grateful to be working and earning such a good living that I am mystified that anyone could be grumpy. But grumpy actors are never chastised for it, and so I guess, like spoiled kids, they continue with their bad manners.

I enjoy working with first-time directors also, because they are always excited about the work.

Thank you for writing! Alexandra

Question #3:

Hi Alexandra… I have to tell you are by far one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Your smile is so pretty. 🙂 My question: At what age did you start serious fitness training? Were you into fitness since childhood or did you begin later in life?

Your Fan,


Dear Artur,

Because I grew up in the country, with no television, I played sports and read books for fun. When I was 12, because I wanted to beat Whitney Perkins in the championship swimming competition, I began to train by myself in addition to the regular swim practice (she ended up beating me by a hair). That was when I learned how fulfilling it is to have a regular workout program. Since then, I have worked out almost daily, mostly by myself.

I want to remind you that I am by no means a natural athlete. I still finish in the lower half of my age group in a triathlon or marathon, but that is not what is important to me. Working out is when I have a chance to be with myself and my thoughts, and it helps me deal with stress. I feel good about my body and it is a natural mood elevator. I spend more time in nature because of my workouts (running, ocean swimming). Running or walking is a great way to explore a new place. And no matter what happens in my day, at least I got a workout in!

For those who want to begin exercising, I recommend you start off with 3 times a week, at least 40 minutes each time. The most important thing is to be consistent – go regularly. Write your workout times in your date book, so you can plan around them. And show up. A very successful writer once told me that he wasnt an especially talented writer – his success was because he showed up and fulfilled the task requested. Just show up at the gym/track/pool, and you are already halfway there.

Thank you for writing.

Best wishes,

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