Ask Alexandra – October 2002

Question #1:


I would like to thank you for the Baywatch Diary. I´m a fan of you and David Hasselhoff, I think you both do a very good couple!! How do you feel when you work with him? he seems to be an incredible good man and very good joker, he´s very handsome too…who could be his wife in Baywatch as you! You´re very lucky.

By the way you were very worried about your hair. It doesn´t matter at all, longer or short it suits you right! (shorter is more comfortable)

Enjoy yourself in Hawai!!

Have a nice “holyday”

from Spain with love,


Dear Isabel,

I have never been to Spain before, and I hope to go one day as everyone says it is a lovely country. And I shall be able to improve my Spanish!

David is a wonderful actor to work with because he is such a veteran, because he is such an enjoyable person to be around, and because he cares – he is not jaded, and he works hard to make a scene the best it can be. His sunny attitude has always been very important to me, as the star of a show can really determine the mood on the set. When a lead actor is grumpy or prone to tantrums the rest of the cast and the crew are on edge which makes for a much less pleasant atmosphere to work in, but David really lifts everyone up, even after a long, hard day. He sometimes will comment on my performance if he doesnt think I made the right choices, which when other actors do that (and it always is other actors, not actresses) usually drives me crazy, but I guess we know each other well enough that I feel comfortable discussing it with him, and he respects me enough that if I hold to my guns he wont push it. Often he is right, anyway!

I feel fortunate to have worked with David for so long, as he has raised the bar for me on what I expect from a costar. David is kind to everyone, and does not have a “I am a star, I am better than you” attitude, which is especially important to me. He knows how important his fans are to his career, and he is always respectful and giving of his time for them. It irritates me to no end when people make fun of David, as he has been a very successful actor and singer for decades, a huge accomplishment. It might not be Shakespeare (and he knows that), but he has brought alot of happiness to the world with his work, which means alot.

Best wishes,


Question #2:

Hi Alexandra,

I’m so glad you are doing the Baywatch reunion movie, it would not be the same without you!! I have every episode on tape form season 1 – 9 so I can considder myself a big fan. Thanks for giving us your tallent and beauty over the years, I hope it continues and i’m glad that you have a very happy marrage, you both look perfect with each other.

My question is: was Nicole Eggert as difficult to work with as the press made her out to be?, they really gave her a hard time didn’t they!


p.s Vietly is fantastic isnt she!!! I have been emailing her for ages now and she always mails back, a very nice and helpful person, she has done a great job with your site.

Dear Jay,

Thank you for being such a Baywatch fan. And for coming to this site! Vietly is a wonderful webmaster, and I am soooo lucky to have her as a friend. I have received many compliments recently on the site, and it is all due to her hard work and expertise.

I never knew there were press reports that Nicole was difficult to work with. When she was on Baywatch for 2 seasons in 1992-1993, I didnt have many scenes with her, but I never saw or heard that she was difficult. She was actually very quiet, and always knew her lines, as she has been a working actress since she was a preteen, so she was very professional. She had been on a very successful sitcom before Baywatch, called “Charles in Charge”, and I think that the long hours shooting a one hour show like Baywatch were hard on her – she wasnt used to being on a set at 6am (and after daylight savings ended that first autumn, we had 4:30 am calls to make the most of what light there was), so she spent alot of her time in her trailer sleeping when she wasnt needed on the set. But all this doesnt mean she was difficult to work with!

Seeing her after 9 years, and working with her again (this time around I had several scenes with her) was a joy. She has grown into a caring mother to 4 year old Dilyn, and seems to be a happy person, with a good outlook on life. She had a wonderful experience on the reunion show, as did I, and I never heard her complain. I guess this just goes to show you: dont always believe what you read (unless it is on this site!).

Thank you for writing, and I hope you enjoy the reunion show!



Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,

I thought that several years ago I read an article/interview with you about a brother of yours that was being held prisoner or something (sorry, it’s been a long time and the memory is not what it used to be). Anyway, my question is, if I’m even remembering this right, what ever happened in that situation?

Thanks a bunch! It’s driving me nuts because I never heard the outcome.


Dear Lisa,

My brother, Jonathan, is an animal rights activist. In 1992, there was a grand jury investigation into a break-in of the animal testing laboratory at the University of Oregon. Many animals were released and testing equipment was destroyed. My brother was not a suspect, as he had been visiting our parents in Connecticut at that time, but an old roommate of Jonathan’s was a suspect. Jonathan was brought in before the grand jury and questioned, as the grand jury wanted to find out Rod Coronado’s whereabouts, and put pressure on the animal rights movement. My sister, Caroline, and myself flew to Spokane to be there for my brother. When you are questioned before a grand jury, you are not allowed to have a lawyer in the room with you, and it is all done behind closed doors, so no one could be in the room with Jonathan except the prosecutor and the grand jury. Grand juries, by the way, have been outlawed in England, for being undemocratic, because they are done in secret with no lawyers present. My brother answered the first few questions, which were about where he was born, where he currently lived etc., but when they started asking him about an ex-girlfriend, he told them he didnt feel comfortable discussing other people, only himself. Lisa was not an animal rights activist and he felt that it was none of their business to ask him about her, and that it wasnt right for him to talk to them about anyone but himself. The prosecutor told him (and I quote, as I have the transcript) “You are neither a target nor a subject of this investigation” so they werent interested in questioning him about himself, they wanted to discuss other people.

Prosecutor: “You have no right to protect their privacy”

Jonathan: "I dont really feel comfortable talking about people in my personal life like that, I guess, just because this really doesnt involve them … in my opinion….It’s just an ethical thing with me. If you guys want to find out stuff about my life, that’s for me to deal with, but for me to tell you about other people’s lives I’ve been involved with, I dont feel it is ethically right, because it is really none of your business. It’s none of anyone’s business… I am not sitting here trying to mislead you, but that is just how I feel”

Prosecutor: “…Are you telling me with respect to the last name of your girlfriend of 1987 and maybe part of 1988, you will not divulge her name? Then we can go up to see the judge and he’ll order you to.”

Jonathan: “…I dont feel ethically giving names…”

Prosecutor: ” I understand your personal principles, but we have a process.”

So they continue to ask him questions, and when he wont identify people in some photos (the transcript doesnt clarify who was in the photos, and Jonathan doesnt participate in answering), they take him upstairs before a judge. He is not allowed to take the Fifth, as he is not a suspect so he cant incriminate himself .

“…you answer the questions or you go to jail”

Jonathan: ” I just dont feel ethically right about talking about other people who either I know or dont know, because that is just my ethical stance and that is where I stand”.

I am, by the way, skipping alot of the transcript, and there is talk between alot of these quotes. Jonathan asks for a public defender at least 3 times during the proceedings, but he is never given one, because with grand juries a citizen is not allowed one in the room. At the end, during a second appearance that afternoon before the judge, whereby the judge tells Jonathan he must testify before the grand jury:

“It’s a free country.”

Judge: “What?”

Jonathan: “It’s a free country. I mean, this is what America is. We’re supposed to be able to … we’re a free country, and I have the freedom to choose what I choose, and that is what I chose, Your Honour”.

Judge: “That is not justification for refusing to testify when you have been
subpoenaed. You are required to appear before a grand jury, and for that reason, the Court does find you are in contempt and I’ll turn you over to the United States Grand Marshal for incarceration”.

(My brother starts to be led away in cuffs and my sister runs towards the stand. It takes two bailiffs to subdue her.)

Jonathan:" Your honour, may I please deal with my sister myself? I can calm her down”

Judge: “Well, calm her down, then, but dont get too close to her. If you can do it verbally from there”

Jonathan: ” It’s okay. Stop. Dont struggle. You’ll get yourself in more trouble. Dont do it”

Judge (to prosecutor): “Is there anything further, Mr Wilson?

Prosecutor: “No, Your Honour”

And so Jonathan was incarcerated for contempt in the Spokane County Jail. As he refused to have anything to do with the grand jury, he stayed there for 5 1/2 months, at one point (ironically, over his 27th birthday) he was in isolation. Every so often the grand jury would ask him if he was ready to talk, and he would send a message back saying, “No”. Jonathan received thousands of letters of support from all over the world. He was released the day after an article in People Magazine came out on him, although he could have stayed in jail indefinitely, as long as the grand jury was convened. Ah, the power of the media.

Today, Jonathan and his new wife, Tami, live in a small Oregon town. They run an organization called Ocean Defense International that protects marine life, especially whales. Jonathan is a highly decorated lieutenant in the local fire department, and I am very proud of him. He is a vegan and he continues to work hard to make this planet a more loving place for all creatures. I have learned alot about character from my brother and I know that I am a better person because of him.



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