Ask Alexandra – October 2009

Question #1:


Years ago i saw a movie you where in that was about a woman who was over weight and she decided to go to the gym and become fit I fell in love with that movie and had it taped but over the years it got lost but that movie was Very touching for me because I am over weight and have been fighting my weight for years I have been looking for that movies every where but i may have the title wrong I think it was called “Getting Physical” could you please tell me if that title is right so I can try to find it again thank you very much for your time

Terri Chayeb of Phoenix Arizona

Dear Terri,

The title to that movie is Getting Physical, and you can purchased a used VHS copy of the original CBS movie on Amazon. It is expensive, so I encourage you to do a deeper search to find a copy that is less pricey. Several people have written in about that tv movie, so it obviously resonated with alot of viewers. It was fantastic to shoot – I worked very hard to get in shape for it – double workouts plus 12 hours of shooting to make me look at least somewhat believable as a bodybuilder. All in 5 weeks, yikes. I met the wonderful Franco Columbu, who was my trainer for the movie. He is my chiropractor these days, 24 years later!

I am sorry to hear you are fighting your weight, but I understand. So many women (including me) are at war with our bodies in different ways. I hope being able to watch Getting Physical again inspires you into a healthy workout and eating program, if that is what you are looking for.

Thank you so much for your letter.


Question #2:

You mention an organization you belong to interested in EVs. Name of the organization? I saw your interview re driving EVs for 20 years. Could not hear the exchange well enough to learn what car you are driving right now.

We should all be brave enough to risk being arrested for the same causes as you!

Thank you.

Ervin Howell

Dear Ervin,

I was a founding board member of Plug In America, a non-profit that is working to get more electric cars on the road. It is an incredible organization. PIA has become the go-to group for information on plug in cars. Automobile Magazine named us one of the top five non-profits in the United States on alternative energy issues, next to organizations like the NRDC! Plug In America employs just have one paid staff member, but an indefatigable core group of volunteers. We have a lobbyist in Sacramento, and important ties in Washington.

Since it sounds like you are interested in plug in vehicles, check out Plug In America’s comprehensive Vehicle Tracker, where we list the plug in vehicles coming out in the next 5 years. Also, rent the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? – most of the activists in that film are involved with Plug In America, and it is a highly acclaimed documentary.



Question #3:

Dear Mrs. Alexandra,

My name is Alex. I am from Munich in Germany. Before I ask my question, I must say that I am a big fan of you. You are best-known here in Germany for your role as Lt. Stephanie Holden from Baywatch and your roles with Leslie Nielsen, Pierce Brosnan and Eric Roberts. 15 years ago, when I was a school boy, every boys at our school have loved the beautiful, athletic, taff, powerfull and sexy Lieutenant Holden from Baywatch. Today I am 31 years old. I have now not much time for television. But I must say, your are still beautiful how 15 years ago. The magic of your beauty is still working!

A few days ago I saw the terrific and genius commercial spot about the ecologically friendly car “The Power of Electric”. You were unsurpassed genius in your role as the very attractive woman with the charming smiling, who like the ecologically electric car! I am sure, that spot was a very big hit in USA. If you would like to make a commercial spot like “The Power of Electric” again, I recommend you to make it here in Germany! I am sure, it will be an unforgettable evergreen of a big Commercial Spot Hit! By us in Germany actress/actors will get a distinction for the best commercial spots!

Yours faithfully,


Fan from Munich, Germany

Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for your support. I am doing an interview for RTL, the German television station, tomorrow, in honor of the 20th anniversary of Baywatch! I came to Berlin in 1989, 3 days after the Berlin Wall fell, with my friend Daphne Zuniga. What an amazing trip, to see the changes East and West Berlin were going through! I still have a piece of the Berlin Wall, which I shall cherish forever as a symbol that change is always possible. I returned in 1998, to publicize California prunes, and went to Munich and Berlin again. We went to the Berlin Wall Museum, which was fascinating.

The Power of Electric was created by my friend Stefano Paris and myself. We shot it for a Google conference in Washington DC which asked for people to submit 90 second videos on why electric vehicles rock, so on a lark we decided to submit something. Stefano and I are both electric vehicle advocates (he drives a Mini E and powers it from solar panels on his house). I wrote the script, he directed it, and we both starred in it, along with his co-worker, Gary, who was a great sport to help us out. All us three actors took turns filming, depending upon the shots.

To see the Power of Electric video, click here.

You can watch the video being shown to open the conference here

At the bottom of the page you will see fun links of behind-the-scenes photos!

I am so glad you enjoyed our video. Stef and I had fun making it.


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