Ask Alexandra – September 1999

Question #1:

Hey Alexandra!

I was so glad that you did Melrose cause I missed watching Baywatch, and getting to see my favorite actress, which would be you, do what she does best. I was a little curious as to if you were planning on ever going back to Baywatch for an episode, or were planning to do any other major TV appearances any time soon? You are an awesome actress, and a great role model. It must be great being able to help and support the organizations that you do. Keep on smiling !


Dear Lynn,

Thank you for writing. I am not going to do any Baywatch appearances, because I had such a wonderful time for those 5 seasons, and I think just coming back for an episode or so would be a letdown. Also, the season that is presently shooting in Hawaii has a COMPLETELY different cast than I worked with only 3 years ago. The only actor still there is David Hasselhoff (whom I adore), and even he, I think, is only doing the first 7 episodes of the season (don’t quote me on that).

It wouldnt be the same without Hobie and Caroline and Cody and CJ and Logan and Mitch!!!!! (Although I am a fan of Michael Bergin’s, and I am sure the new cast is wonderful).

The next projects I have slated to appear on TV are Kid Cop (apparently on this month on HBO and Showtime, but again, don’t quote me on that. The webmaster always knows more than I about when my projects are airing), and the project I shot in Australia this summer. That one doesnt have an airdate (even it’s title, GreenSails, will be changed), so keep logging on to this website for more info!

I would love to do another one hour ensemble series, as I have really loved doing the ones I have starred in : Baywatch, Fire Co 132 and Melrose Place.

Thank you for your support.


Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

This is so wonderful to be able to ask you questions. I am one of your biggest fans. You are just so cool. I really admire all your work for the environment. I think I will start taking my own grocery bags to the supermarket and of course recycling too! Here is my question: what kind of suggestions would you give to those whose dreams are to become a successful actress just like you? All my entire life, I have been dreaming about becoming an actress. I am looking forward to reading the answers and hopefully you will give some great tips.


Nosrova Klynne

Dear Nosrova,

Thank you so much for doing your part to save the planet! Every step counts so much, believe me.

As for becoming an actress, here are my suggestions:

  • Stay in school. Definitely graduate from high school, and I recommend going to college (this gives you insight into the world around you, making you better able to create characters, and encourages discipline)
  • Take classes that will help you as an actor: dance, singing, voice, Shakespeare, theatre, improvisation, speaking-in-public classes. (I took sign language classes because it is such an expressive language.) Learning a foreign language is also a help for understanding accents. If you are in school, history and social studies classes help you understand period pieces. Psychology classes help you understand the motivations of characters. The more you know, the more you bring to your role!
  • And along that vein: Read the newspaper (TV news is inadequate- and I include CNN in that assessment). And read biographies of other actors. Or anything about show business. William Goldman wrote a really good book on Hollywood and how it works.
  • Take Acting Classes. Pretty much any college offers them. This will also help you understand the business of show business, especially if the teacher worked as an actor in New York or LA.
  • If you want to do TV, you need to move to LA. Some folks go to NY, but ultimately they move to LA because that is where the auditions for TV are. If you live in another country, move to where the show business action is, or learn to speak like an American (work is scarce for the Van Dammes of the world) and move here.
  • If you want to do theatre, look into your local theatre companies. There are alot of them. If you are very ambitious, move to NY. Note: The earlier you move to NY or LA, the better your chances are of success.The competition gets tougher as we get older, so after you are through with school, move!
  • Take care of yourself. You don’t have to be a stud or a beauty queen to have a rewarding and successful career as an actor, but you do need to feel confident about yourself (to withstand the rejections that will come, and to help you get through all those nerve-wracking auditions), and so it is important you are the best YOU can be. That means eat well, don’t do any drugs or alcohol or smoke, and excercise consistently. As an actor we use our bodies to convey characters and emotions, so we must not let them rule us in our everyday lives.

    Another good book to read is Michael Shurtleff’s Audition and Bobby Lewis’s Method or Madness. I hope this helped, and good luck! Alexandra

  • Question #3:


    I recently saw an E! special on your home and was very impressed by your attention to the environment. My husband and I are working to raise our own environmental awareness. We are looking to build a new house soon and are very interested in the bamboo flooring that you have. We love the look of hardwood, but as you pointed out, it is not very e-friendly. I have searched and searched and cannot find a source. Can you give me information on how to find it? Until then, keep up the good work.


    Dear TWP,

    I think that it is great that you are considering bamboo instead of hardwood for your home. Ian and I love our bamboo floors. After calling around, we went with Ron Caso, because he had the best prices, the best bamboo and was very professional. He works for Plyboo America and his number is (315) 687-3240. He will send you a choice of samples in different stains and different glosses. If that company doesnt suit your needs, then try the Mintec Corp. in Towson, Maryland. The rep I spoke to from Southern California is Michael Simco at (949) 458-8333. Also check out the web under keyword “bamboo”. Good luck! Alexandra

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