Ask Alexandra – September 2000

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra

Here is one of the founder of the First unofficial Alexandra Paul Swissfanclub. From the time when you started in Baywatch I’m faszinated of you. You are a great actress and you help the enviroment where you can!!! That’s great!!!

Before I ask my question and want to introduce myself a little bit: My name is Petra Gloor, I’m 20 and live in a little village called Bisikon in the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland. My hobbies are singing, writing stories, listening to music, inlineskating and relaxing. When I saw, that you help the enviroment, I told my mother to separate the things like glas, metal and so on…

Here with 18 years you can make the driver lincence. I haven’t made it until now, but I will make it. I want to ask you: what are the great things to buy an eletric car???

Another question I would like to ask you is: You sang a song on the Baywatch CD “Alerte à Malibu” called “Let A Few Go By”. Did you like singing??? Would you like to sing again???

Greetings from Switzerland!!!

Petra Gloor

PS: Sorry for my bad English!!!!

Dear Petra,

Thank you for starting a Swiss Fan Club! I very much appreciate your support. I am so glad you are talking about recycling to your friends and family – it is so important not only to do our own part, but to spread the word! Being a good example is the best way to change people around you.

If you are asking what is great about electric cars: alot! They are quiet (no more noise pollution) and they drive fast and smoothly. They emit NO pollution, so they are clean burning, BUT they are not pollution free. They need to get energy for their batteries in some way, so they do get power from a source like a power plant powered by water, nuclear, coal. Still, overall (even with the disposal of the batteries, which are over 95% recyclable) electric cars are over 90% cleaner than most gas cars. I get my power from Wind Turbines, so my car is very, very clean burning!

An important thing about electric cars is that they are the first step to getting off gasoline powered (internal combustion engine) vehicles. I think that fuel cell technology will be the wave of the future (some say that a car that runs on water exists but that the oil companies are suppressing the technology).

On a lighter note: Yes, I did sing a song on the Baywatch album called “Let a Few Go By”. I enjoyed myself alot, but as you can see, I dont have a good voice! My voice is actually soooo bad that they had someone come in and sing with my voice. And the background vocals are pulled up so much that it sounds like a disco song, even though it was a country song! They also doubled my voice on itself so it was stronger. Sigh. At first the album’s producers were begging me to sing on the album and I told them I didnt want to because I dont sing and I would be terrible. They insisted it didnt matter, and got me a voice coach. As soon as the song was cut, I never heard from them again! Although it was interesting being in a sound studio, and I am glad I went out of my comfort zone to do it, Idont think anyone else will ever ask me to sing again!

Thank you for writing. Switzerland is a beautiful country, with wonderful people.

Best wishes,

Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

I read that you are to be married sometime in September. Congratulations! I’m glad to hear that you finially have found love. You and Ian look cute together. Are you nervous about the wedding?

Best wishes,

Beth Ann

Dear Beth Ann,

I am so lucky that I am with Ian and I am honored to marry him, especially since I have, before last year, been MarriagePhobic my whole life (there is divorce in my family). Now I am not at all nervous about being married, because Ian and I have been together for 5 years and I know he is The One.

Our wedding is going to have 150 people. We are to be wed on September 16th in the gardens of a Malibu home. My twin sister, Caroline, and Ian’s brother, Chris, have been ordained to marry us and will be performing the ceremony. My best friend Roya and my brother Jonathan are standing up for me and on Ian’s side is his best friend Craig and our friend who introduced us, Jim Garfield.

I am wearing a dress by wedding dress designer Erisa Katsura, and Ian will be in traditional Scottish attire, kilt and all, in the Murray clan tartan.

Our invitations were on tree-free hemp paper and we are serving mostly vegetarian and vegan food. Our cake is the real thing – YUM!

I am only nervous that people wont have a good time! Or that it will be too hot out or too cold in the evening… but then again, I tend to worry more than I should and always about stuff I have no control over! I have never been a confident hostess, so I dont throw parties much – and never for myself!

Please say a prayer for Ian and me to have a long, happy and healthy life together!

Best wishes,

Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,

Please bring us up to speed on your workout schedule. Surely you have changed your routine since the Ironman.

What events are you projecting to do. Do you foresee an ultramaraton in your foreseeable future?


Dear John,

These past two months my workouts have been hampered because of a shin splint above my left ankle, so I have only been swimming. Swimming for me is an hour of steady freestyle or backstroke. I dont stop at all, but I dont get my heartrate up very high either, unfortunately. Last week I did two yoga classes and I am going to do yoga twice a week – at least for a while – because it is soooo good for you! And a challenge!

Normally I mix it up between running and swimming 6 days a week, with light free weights (upper body one day, legs the next) 5 days a week. I stretch for an hour twice a week at home, but yoga classes are better for me.

I was taking jumprope classes for a while and I really enjoyed them – and I usually don’t like to take classes, but these I got a lot out of. I hope to go back to them once I am healed. I have promised Ian to take a whole day off each week, and for the most part I have kept to that. Rest is very important, I am learning.

I wanted to do a 50 mile race in the Santa Monica Mountains this December, but I struggled so through the Boston Marathon (April 17th) that I was thoroughly humbled! And now my shin splint has sidelined me for a bit. I will be doing a small triathlon the day after our wedding, but there is only a 4 mile run so I think I will be OK for that.

Good luck to you if you are doing any races!


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