Ask Alexandra – September 2001

Question #1:

Hi Alexandra,
What was the significance of making you and Yasmine Bleeth sisters on the show? For some good reason i love the episodes about you or Yasmine.

Thank you and have a great day.


Dear K.K.,

I loved shooting scenes with Yasmine! I was very happy when the producers decided to give me a sister, because that meant that I had a relationship with a character on the show that had a history, an important present, and a future, which meant good emotional scenes.

Yasmine first guested on one episode of the show as my sister who comes back to tell me she is engaged to be married and I get to rescue her from a rogue wave as she is innocently taking pictures on a jetty. The producers first wanted my real sister, my twin Caroline, to play the part, but she was in China at the time. That is why, however, that Yasmine’s character was named Caroline!

The producers liked her so much they asked her back the following season to be a regular. Not only was Yasmine already a very experienced actress having been on soap operas for years, but she is a very intelligent woman and very funny. She has a wonderful ability to make fun of herself. I loved shooting with her because of those qualities and because it was great to play the sister relationship on the show, instead of only being the boss lieutenant and telling her what to do as a lifeguard.

Thank you for your question!


Question #2:

Hi Alexandra!!

my name is Henriette Lassen and im from Denmark, im a big fan of yours. I have a question, im a little confused! Do you have any children? What I now, you dont, but im not sure. Because i think i have read somewhere that you have! maybe i misunderstood it! My English is not that good. Do you have any children? how many? names? If not do you want to have children?

But keep on the good work! You are a very good actress, and i hope to see you more!! Thanks

Best Wishes,


Dear Henriette,

No, I dont have any children. Ian and I each tutor a boy (I have been tutoring Alex, who is now 15 years old, for 4 years, and Ian has been tutoring Ulysses, who is 13) and I think that some of the press got confused and thought they were our kids. We are planning to adopt at some point, as we are concerned with the number of people already on the planet (the population has doubled in my lifetime, from 3 billion to 6 billion), but right now neither Ian and I are ready for a child. I am 38 years old and I wonder when my “maternal instincts” are going to kick in and I am going to want to care for a baby!

When it comes to having children, 2 or fewer is the optimum number of kids to have if you care about the future of the planet!

Best wishes,


Question #3:


Please please please tell us more about your adorable husband Ian. What movies has he been in? Would you guys ever plan on making a movie together?

You two look great together, and I wish you many wonderful years to come!

With love,


Dear Sarah,

Ian is the most wonderful man in the world. He is so kind and loving to me every day and I am so grateful to have such an incredible life partner. If there is one thing in my life that I have no doubts about, it is that Ian is The One for me.

Ian came to Los Angeles to act, and has done several short films and many commercials. He and I did do one movie together, the ABC movie of the week Echo. I was playing the wife of Jack Wagner, who was playing twins, and Ian played Jack’s twin when the two twins had to be onscreen together.

Ian is now coaching triathletes full time, and I interviewed him on my Outdoor Life Network show for tips on ocean swimming. Ian is an excellent athlete who was a pro skier and instructor for 10 years, and a pro windsurfer after that. He is an avid cyclist (mountain and road) and is a great triathlete. On top of that, he shares my concern for the environment and we are now putting solar panels on our roof to provide our electricity.

Thank you for asking about Ian – just writing about him makes me happy.


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