Ask Alexandra – September 2003

Question #1:

Alexandra; Your cause for peace is truly noble. If only all nations and peoples of the world felt the same. This world truly would be a much better place to live. You and Ian are excellent upstanding role models for peace, physical fitness, health, and in the spirit of generosity. Hopefully, we all live to see your words of international peace fulfill. Bless you both and much success in all your future endeavors. Keep smiling! The world needs more of your kind of sunshine!

Sincerely, Bill

Dear Bill,

Thank you so much for your supportive words. I really appreciate it and I will share your email with Ian. The wonderful thing is, that everything I do that seems altruistic, gives me back so much more! I feel fulfilled and energized and passionate, which is so vital to a happy life. The advice columnist, Ann Landers, once encouraged a reader who felt lost and depressed to go out and do something for someone else. I believe she was right – when we reach out into the community we get alot back.

Thank you for reaching out to me.



Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

My friends and I were wondering what influenced you to sing “Let A Few Go By” on the Baywatch Soundtrack?

I know its like the strangest question ever but I thought I should ask.

You so rock,


Dear Caiti,

That isnt an odd question at all – sometimes I wonder why I did it too! I dont have a good voice at all, and I am not into music that much, but when the producers asked all the actors if they wanted to sing on the Baywatch CD, the only people who said yes were the three who already sang: David Hasselhoff, Jeremy Jackson and Gregory Alan Williams. I think they wanted a woman to do it also, so they called me every day to beg me to sing, even though I told them that I had a terrible voice, and that I didnt even own a stereo – that was how little music I had in my life! They said they would give me music lessons, and my manager at the time, Jodie, called me and said “How many times can you be a rock star for a day?” And finally I thought, Yeah! It will be fun! My dad said, “Honey, they will just turn a couple nobs in the editing room and your voice will sound great”. Since I listened to alot of country music on the radio, they found me a country song, gave me a couple voice lessons, and I went into the studio and cut it.

My dad was wrong though – they couldnt “just turn a few nobs” and my voice would sound great – they had to put two of my tracks on top of each other to get my voice strong enough, and then they got a professional singer to sing with me to cover up how bad I am, and then they added alot of background singers too! It now sounds more like disco than country music! And the music producers, who called me everyday for weeks before I did the song, never, ever called me again. I had a good laugh about it, and even though I really sound terrible on the CD, I dont regret doing it at all. It really was fun to do!



Question #3:


I watched a made for tv movie recently called “Above and Beyond”. The credits at the end went by so quickly I couldn’t read them. My wife insists it wasn’t you who starred in the film, but I disagree….. Now, between you and me, I’m 45, live in Pennsylvania and think you’re a down to earth actress whom I do admire. We never see or hear about you in the tabloids, news or anything other than the shows you’re in…..

Any plans in the near future for movies or tv shows??


Dear Chris,

That was I in Above and Beyond, an independent film I shot a couple years ago in New Orleans, with Costas Mandylor and Adam Baldwin. My hair was long and dark – maybe that is why I didnt look like me?

I never have been tabloid fodder. I am very happily married, and I dont like going to premieres and glitzy fundraisers (much to my manager’s chagrin), so there is not much opportunity to take photographs of me. By choice, I was the only actor on Baywatch at the time that didnt have their own publicist, because I was at a point where I felt that photographs and articles sort of stole my soul. Now I have a great publicist, Jerry Shandrew from Shandrew PR, and when I do have a project to publicize, I enjoy going on talk shows and doing interviews. But I dont seek pr in my everyday life – I prefer to go to a movie with Ian in anonymity than a big screening, which probably is not the best for my career, but it makes my life very, very happy.

A Woman Hunted, the independent film I shot last winter, will be coming out on cable next year, and I did a guest spot on the television show She Spies last week, which means it should be airing in late September. I would love to do a series, so please keep your fingers crossed for me that I get some good auditions in pilot season next year!

Thank you for writing,


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