Ask Alexandra – September 2004

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

I have been a big fan for a very long time. I really admire your talent and passion for acting. I know that you probably get asked this a lot of times but her goes: When an actress or actor is being interviewed by a magazine, does the interviewer tape or write down everything the actor or actress says?


Dear Angel,

Yes, a writer will take notes or tape the interview. For a tv interview, they have notes with them to help them remember what to ask me. For a talk show, I get “pre-interviewed” by a producer a few days beforehand, and then on the day of the show we go over what questions will be asked by the host, and what sort of answers they are looking for to make the show chatty or funny. When being interviewed for a magazine article I prefer that the journalist use a tape recorder because there is less likelihood that I will be misquoted! Nowadays, with the advent of the internet, sometimes I just answer questions over email and the article is printed as a question and answer piece. That is nice because I have more control over what will be printed. Overall, however, an actor has very little control on the slant a writer will take for an article, I have learned. Even on television you don’t know how the interview will turn out, because they can edit the show as they please.

Another great thing about the internet is that journalists are now better prepared for an interview. They all go to this site before they speak with me, so they are more informed. That makes it much easier for me, and I am always appreciative of a journalist who has done their homework.



Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

I have enjoyed watching you on Baywatch and Melrose Place. You did a great job on both shows! I just have a simple question. What do you like best and least about yourself?


Dear Yvonne,

Hmmm… what I like best and least about myself… this could take awhile… I will start with 10 things each…

I’m not good at geography. I’d like to be more patient. I wish I loved broccoli better than chocolate. I need to live in the moment more. I would like to speak Spanish well. Prettier hands. More grace. Less of an overbite. No scars.

I like that I speak French well. I am a vegetarian, although I’d prefer to be a vegan. I have a good freestyle swim stroke. People interest me. I am in love with my beloved. I am disciplined. I believe that the glass is half full. I am a twin, a daughter and a wife.

Thanks for writing in.


Question #3:


I admire all the work you do for the environment.

Could you tell me more about your car? I would like to rent or purchase an environmentally sound car soon but I don’t know what is best. What about a regular car with low emission, like an Echo or Civic? Any advice would be appreciated.

Sincerely, Pat

Dear Pat,

I currently drive an all electric RAV 4, which I charge in my garage at night. Unfortunately, there are currently no electric cars being sold these days, unless you can find a used one, which is very rare. All the EV1s were leased, and have since been crushed by their automaker, GM. Ford also wants to crush its Think cars, even though Norway has offered to buy ALL of them. Very few electric Hondas were distributed, and I think the electric Ford Rangers are also being recalled. Automakers don’t want to have electrics out there because they interfere with the oil industry and they have to make parts available for 10 years.

You can find a GEM car ( on the web. They are golfcart-like electrics, made by Daimler Chrysler, that aren’t highway-legal, but are great for tooling around the neighborhood.

You have 3 other options:

Buy a hybrid car. These are cars that you fill up with gas, but that have an electric motor that aids the gas motor, and in some models kicks in at speeds under 18 mph and the gas motor turns off completely. This is great for city driving, where you drive at slower speeds and stop often. My husband drives the Toyota Prius and gets 42 mpg on the highway and 47 in the city – Toyota has the most advanced hybrid technology. Honda has a hybrid Civic out, but the gas mileage isnt as good as the Toyota. Both are MUCH cleaner than a full gas car, however. The Honda Insight is the most fuel efficient on the road right now, I think. It is a hybrid, but also
is only a 2-seater.

There are hybrid SUVs coming out. SUVs waste materials because they are so big, they are more dangerous, and they will never get as good mileage as a smaller car, so I hope you don’t buy one. But if you do, here are some thoughts: I am not very impressed with the gas mileage on the American versions – only 10-15% better than their gas counterparts. This is because Toyota sold the American companies its first generation hybrid technology, and Toyota is into their second generation of know-how. I would go with Toyota if you buy a hybrid. Or Honda.

Buy a small car that has low emissions and runs cleanly. Go to for more information on the different cars out there. Don’t get a diesel though, as diesel engines emit more particulates, even if they get decent mileage.

Bio-diesel – Speaking of diesel, BIODIESEL is an option however, if you are committed to having a clean vehicle. Ian and I are buying a used diesel truck, and will run it exclusively on biodiesel. Biodiesel is basically vegetable oil that has been refined to take out the glycerine. Diesel engines were originally built, around the turn of the century, to run on vegetable oil, until Mr. Diesel was found drowned …hmmmm. So if you buy a diesel you don’t have to do any conversion except maybe change some filters, but check out to learn more. I am not an expert yet. Make sure you have a biodiesel fueling station near you, of course.

Thank you, Pat, for being interested in the health of our planet, and the future of our kids. The kind of car you drive makes a HUGE impact on the earth, and sends a message to our government about what we want in our vehicles. If people continue to buy inefficient, large cars, there is no message to the Bush administration and car companies to put money into alternative fuels and cleaner cars.

I hope this response is a help. Please let us know what car you choose!


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