Baywatch Actress Completes 18 K Solo Swim

August 2009

Alexandra Paul never needed a stunt person for swimming scenes in her five year starring role as lifeguard Lt. Stephanie Holden on the television series BAYWATCH.

And she didn’t need a stunt person August 13, 2009, when she completed an 18k ocean swim race in Fiji in a time of 6 hours 56 minutes.

The race, which began on Denarau Island and finished at Beachcomber Island, draws athletes from Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Alexandra is the first American to participate in the solo swim. Although she finished fourth out of four solo swimmers, she is pleased with her results. “My goal was to finish under 7 hours, and I accomplished that. It was a personal win for me.”

80 other swimmers, including 3 Olympians and an English Channel record holder, made the crossing on relay teams of 5 swimmers each.

Alexandra, who begins filming THE FRANKENSTEIN BROTHERS next month, enjoys the challenge of long distance swimming. “I am in better shape at 46 years old than I have ever been,” she says. The Baywatch star, who competed in the 10 mile Maui Channel Swim in 2006 and is an Ironman finisher, says this is her longest swim distance yet. She trained at a local Los Angeles pool as well as in the Pacific Ocean, right off the beach where she starred for so many years on what was then the most popular show in the world.

Alexandra recently starred in the movies CHRISTMAS CRASH, FAMILY OF FOUR, and A SISTER’S SECRET. She also appeared on the Emmy award-winning television series, MAD MEN. and can be seen in the horror spoof, JAVELINA.

Since leaving Baywatch in 1996, Alexandra starred on several other series and in 30 films and television movies. In addition to her acting and athletic resume, Alexandra has also been a longtime eco-activist. She is featured in the award winning documentary, WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR?

The 18 km Fiji Swim ( is produced by Bathtub Productions, based in New South Wales. Australian Olympic medalists Shawn Gould & Graeme Brewer, American gold medalists Debbie Meyers & Natalie Coughlin, and New Zealand Olympians Danyon Loader & Rebecca Parrott have all participated in the 18 km race on relay teams. Australian marathon swimmer Deke Zimmerman won the solo race in 2006.

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