Baywatch Diary – Day 11

Today Daniel, my manager, and Chris, his boyfriend, and I drove to the south end of Oahu to Honolulu. It is about an hour drive and I ate waaaaaay too many potato chips on the way down ( I am not even a big potato chip fan, but when they are right in front of you, and you are trapped in a car with them…). We drove to a gay beach in Waikiki and swam. When we were drying off, the lifeguard approached us, and it was my stunt double from earlier in the week, Katie! She is a part time lifeguard (she says there are only 6 female lifeguards on Oahu). It is a small world, isnt it?

Later in the afternoon we met our friend, Dana, and her 2 daughters at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. We went out on a ferry to the memorial, which is built on top of the warship, the USS Arizona. Since the water is shallow, you can still see pieces of the ship sticking out of the water. Over 1100 bodies are in the ship still. It was quite moving.

After a visit at Dana’s house, we drove back home, and I shall spend the evening working on my scenes for the week.

I am so happy Ian is coming tomorrow.

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