Baywatch Diary – Day 12

Today is my two year anniversary, and Ian is supposed to arrive midday. We are shooting about 1/2 mile down from the hotel on the beach, so he will walk down when he arrives. Hooray! Our first scene has about 10 actors in it – we have to get out of 2 zodiacs (rubber boats) onto the beach. It takes a while to shoot even though there is hardly any dialogue because there are so many people in the scenes. Then I do a short scene with Carmen and John (John is a very relaxed actor, so it is a real joy to work with him, and Carmen is so sweet and calm), and a scene with David, Jeremy and Nicole, all before lunch. I go back to the hotel at lunch to see if Ian is there but he isnt, so I spend lunch back at base camp (where all our trailers are set up, and where the lunch truck is) meeting Michael Bergin’s girlfriend Joy and their sweet 2 year old son, Jesse. After lunch I do a long scene with David where I have to be sweet and then mean (fun!) and Ian arrives so I am very happy to see him. He goes for a swim in the beautiful waters here. I feel badly that I shall be working until late, but he is fine about it all because he is just the sweetest sweetest sweetest person.

This shall be a short diary entry, as I got home late and spent the rest of the evening with my beloved. Tomorrow I shall be on a boat all day, so Ian wont be coming to the set as it gets pretty crowded when we are also shooting on the boat, and dont have a separate “mother ship” to hang out on and another boat that is being shot, since all the crew and cast are on it all day. We film and eat and change wardrobe on the boat. I get nervous before a boat day, as I dont like not being able to leave when I am done with a scene, but always I have a wonderful time anyway. “Most of my worries never even happened” (Mark Twain).

My cold is worse and I got a tickly feeling in my throat during several scenes today where I thought I might cough and ruin the take. I hope this is the worst of it, and that I will be better tomorrow.

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