Baywatch Diary – Day 14

Today David and I are shooting 1st Unit today. Alot of actors are doing rescues and water work on 2nd Unit, but, aside from Gena, who comes to 1st Unit to do a couple quick shots, David and I are the only ones on our unit. My cough is still irritating, but I think I am on the down side. I have to kiss David today, but he hasnt said anything about being worried about catching anything from me. Yesterday, I had to pretend to kiss an actor who was, wisely, worried about getting my cold germs. The driver comes to pick me up at 7:15am, a 1/2 hour earlier than I expected, as I guess there was a misunderstanding, but I am almost ready so I am not late to the set. A union actor is supposed to get 11 hours and 45 minutes off between work, and as I got home at 8pm last night, I thought my call was 7:45am. We are filming in a house right on the beach, and most of our work is on the deck overlooking the ocean. It is so nice to work in a lovely setting!

I am hoping, however, to be wrapped today by 4pm, so I can spend some daylight hours with Ian and maybe go out to dinner. Gena is in the last two scenes of the day, so I figure it is a safe bet, but then as they get behind pretty quickly, they move my bedroom scene to last.

Gena has outdoor shots and they dont want to lose the light (filming is always a race to beat the clock). Bummer. Ian has been surfing and swimming and running very happily back at the hotel, and he visits the set at lunch, so I am more disappointed than Ian. He is very good natured and goes with the flow more easily than I do. The bed scene with David doesnt start until 7pm. I am very sticky from body makeup and sweating all day, and hair gunk (for that “I’ve just been in the ocean look”), so I take a shower at the home in which we are filming. This last scene takes 3 hours to do. It is the scene that opens the movie, so we need to take the time to do it right. It isnt easy, as the camera is moving around the bed, so if there is one little screw up we have to begin from the top. It gets very hot in the room, as you cant have fans or air conditioning when you shoot, too noisy. David keeps the energy up with his unflagging humor. I am lucky to be working with him, I think, as he cracks his billionth joke of the day.

I get home at 10pm, and Ian is asleep (it is 1am LA time). He wakes up and we are able to have some time together. Luckily, my late wrap also means that I dont have to be on the set until 10 tomorrow morning, so I will get some daylight hours with him, too…

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