Baywatch Diary – Day 17

It is the first day of autumn today, I think, and we have a storm brewing off the coast of Hawaii, which is making the waves bigger. It is still sunny out, but I decide not to do an ocean swim as the surf is intimidating. I am off to Honolulu this morning to see my friend Dana and her kids. I meet them at their volleyball game in Waikiki, and their sweet friend Victoria is also there, whom I had met last weekend too.

She, Emily, and Molly (all 12 year olds – Emily and Molly are twins) and Dana and I go to rent an outrigger canoe to paddle out, but they wont rent anything today as the surf is too dangerous. We rent an electric golf cart and I get to see more of Waikiki, and then we go to an icecream place where I eat a huge frozen yogurt (cheesecake flavor, yum) with graham cracker crust mixed into it.

I drive home (over an hour) and go to see John Allen Nelson to tell him that I wont need the car tomorrow, and he shows me photos on his computer of his beautiful family: his wife Ase, whom I know and like very much, and his two kids Axel and Linea, 12 and 8, whom I havent seen for about 7 years. John misses them alot, and he was so happy to have received a drawing from Linea this morning, by mail. It probably helped his cold to have his daughter send him something so thoughtful, with such a loving note attached. When I see how much John loves his kids, it makes me wonder what I am missing by not having any.

Speaking of family, I talked to my dad twice today, emailed my mom, and spoke with my beloved Ian twice also. My sister helped her best friend Beth have her baby yesterday (Caroline always wanted to assist at a birth as a firefighter, and now she has been able to do it as a close friend. I imagine it was a profound event for Caroline), and I wanted to hear how it went, but Caroline had a wedding and a birthday to go to today (she is much more social than I!), so I couldnt reach her by phone. She must be exhausted.

I am tired, although I havent done much today except eat alot of dessert and chat endlessly with my friend Dana and 3 preteens! Tomorrow we have the day off too, so I can rest up before our last week on this show….

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