Baywatch Diary – Day 19

I want to go into the ocean today, but it is quite rough – I guess Hurricane Isadore is affecting us here in Hawaii. I feel a little intimidated to go in because I dont know this water well and there is alot of shallow coral. I am irritated with myself that I am reluctant to go in – I even went as far as going to the shore with my goggles, cap and suit on, but then turned around, a rarity for me. I now have Michael’s, Gena’s brother, boogie board in my room in hopes that I can get the courage to boogie board at least. But then I am not an experienced boogie boarder, so what am I thinking???

I called my California senators, Feinstein and Boxer, today to put my 2 cents in about Iraq. I am against invading Iraq! I love America – I can call my representatives and speak my mind and my opinion makes a difference. Last week Ian and I called the White House comment line on the same subject, and it is awesome – you speak to a real live person and they log your comments. The White House number, is (202) 456-1111 and you can call about any concern you may have.

I saw alot of the Hawaiian Tropic women around the hotel today. You can spot ’em a mile away, as they all have long hair, deep tans, and large breasts. They all have big hometown smiles, and are very sweet. They also all wear what I call “stripper shoes” with their bikinis, which are very high platform slip-on shoes made of clear plastic. They are so high that they tilt them forward a bit, which I guess makes you walk in a sexier manner (certainly sexier than me in my ol’ running shoes). Anyway, their stripper shoes are incongruous with their wholesome, sunny smiles.

Housekeeping policy in this hotel is to change our sheets everyday, but I dont want that as it is a big waste of water to do all that washing, and anyway, Ian and I change our sheets every 2 weeks, so why would I want it everyday? I also prefer them not to clean the room every day, as I am very neat and I know these maids have alot to do. So they like me, and I get double the chocolates on my pillow every night! Yum. I love chocolate, especially before bed, although I am sure I dont sleep as well – last night I dreamt that our script supervisor, Tom Moore, was giving me investment advice: buy shares in the Bellagio Hotel. I will see him tomorrow and see if my dreams have any validity…

John Allen Nelson, who is 43 years old and has an incredible physique, told me yesterday that he does 900 situps a day, so today he showed me what his routine is. I want better abs, so I figure I will try to do some of what he does, but 900? Yikes. John is amazing: he has a lovely wife and adorable kids, he knits sweaters, he bakes bread, he writes screenplays, he produces his own films, he is the nicest person, he is very disciplined, AND he has fantastic abs. Dont let anybody tell you that we Baywatch actors are just pretty faces.

Ian is not home when I call, so, as dusk approaches, I put my bathing suit on to overcome my trepidation of going in the ocean. It is tough to get out with the coral and the surf, so after scraping myself and getting knocked over by a wave, I decide to give up on the idea of going for a dip. I feel better for having giving it a go, however.

I do 400 situps, although I have to stop and rest because my neck and legs get tired – more than my abs! Am I doing something wrong? Josh Berk, the production assistant whom I have known since he was 12 (his dad is the show’s writer/ producer, Michael Berk), comes by to drop off the call sheet. I am in the first scene and the last scene of the day, 5:45am call. We talk for about 45 minutes about philosophical things and I think to myself, if Josh and Corey (Corey is another production assistant here, Josh’s cousin, and the son of our director/ producer, Doug Schartz) represent our future, then everything is alright. They are very bright, thoughtful young men.

Daniel has sent me a script to read right away, a maybe-offer on an independent film. I read it right away, and like the part alot. Scary, challenging acting role. I call Daniel to tell him I would like to do it. I also tell him I am nervous about all the crying scenes, as I am not an easy onscreen crier. I cry easily in real life ( I have probably cried six times since I have been here in Hawaii, and I am very happy here! -imagine me if I was going through a crisis!!!), but in front of the camera I find it very difficult. When I first started acting, I could cry easily in a scene, bringing up childhood hurts and all that, but now maybe I have had so much therapy that I have healed! Ha!

Tomorrow we are shooting scenes that are supposed to take place in Los Angeles. I wonder how they are going to make the ocean look less blue?

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