Baywatch Diary – Day 2

Today I went for my hour swim in the hotel pool before 7am, and the sun was already out and the day was warm. At 9am, I had my wardrobe fitting, which took (yikes) 3 hours, as I have 11 changes. I had brought some of my own clothes at the wardrobe woman’s request, but we didnt use any of it because her clothes were better. It amazes me how someone who has never met me can pick out great clothes (11 changes worth!), better than I can pick them out for myself. I have never been a fashion hound, but golly! even the jeans she found were better than the ones I have! I met more of the crew at the production office (a converted hotel suite), and picked up my pink and blue pages for the script. When changes are made to the final draft – because a script is never final until the movie is wrapped, if even then – each set of changes comes in different page color, and the color sequence is always the same: white, then pink, then blue, then green… I think there are 7 colors, and if you go through all 7, you start the sequence again: pink, blue etc. Tomorrow, because the read-through will bring more changes to light, we will undoubtedly get a set of green pages. The childlike part of me likes to have a rainbow script. It hopefully means the story has improved (although often not).

I road the stationary bike in my room and read the book I got out of the library, “Disobedience”. I brought 6 books with me and enough yarn to knit a scarf and a hat, as there is alot of alone time between shooting and alot of downtime during shooting. Then Gena Lee Nolin came over and we went to say hi to David H.. They drank coffee and I ate some of his chocolate macadamia nuts while we caught up with each other. I havent seen him in 2 years, and he looks fantastic – he just seems to get more handsome with age. I have alot of scenes with David in this show, which makes me very happy, as I have always loved working with him. And he says he likes to work with me because I am tall!

David and his kids and Brande and Billy went to a luau place for dinner, and Gena and I then read over our scenes, especially the one where we have a knock down, drag out fight, which we couldnt get through without busting out laughing. We called John Allen Nelson to welcome him to Hawaii (John plays “Cort” and also starred with Gena in the television series Sheena. John has been my good friend ever since we met on a Perry Mason tv movie 13 years ago). When Gena left it was 7:30pm, so I called my beloved Ian to wish him good night, as it is 3 hours later in Los Angeles. I shall look at the script one more time before I sleep, in hopes that it will seep into my brain during the night and make me a genius actress by morning…

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