Baywatch Diary – Day 3

I start the day at 6:45am with an hour swim in the pool, and then a spin on my stationary bike. I have started my second book, “The Best Little Boy in the World Grows Up”, which I like very much. I drive to the nearest supermarket to buy laundry detergent and some pretzels, and take a short nap before our 1pm table reading in one of the hotel restaurants. All of the cast is there, except for Pamela Anderson, who is coming in next week for only a couple days, and Angelica Bridges (Taylor) who works our last week here. It is great to see Yasmine (newly married and very happy), John Allen and Michael Bergin, and to get to know Stacy Kamana, Jason Mamoa (from Baywatch Hawaii, both whom I have met only once before) and Carmen (who I also had only met briefly years ago). Our producer Doug Schwartz gave us some Baywatch facts and figures (a cast of 68; over 300 shows in the Baywatch franchise, including Baywatch Nights and Baywatch Hawaii; the story of how NBC first aired the tv movie back in 1989, and it did incredibly well, then they aired it again a few months later just to make sure it was not a fluke, and the ratings were even higher – so they made it into a series). We read through the script and there was alot of joking and laughing, and we all relaxed and got into it. There will be alot of last minute changes, as you can really hear what doesnt work when the actors read it out loud.

After the reading, David, Billy Warlock, and some of the other guys go to work out (yes, most of us have to work at staying in shape and keeping our body fat low, although Brande doesnt work out formally and Carmen told me she finds she looks better only working out twice a week – and they both look great… hmmm should I work out less? Nahhhh. I definitely look and feel best when I work out at least an hour daily. I have to eat well too, or no amount of exercise will do me much good) I go to my room, and run into David’s wife, Pamela Bach Hasselhoff. We catch up for almost an hour. I look over what I have to do on Monday, as we finally got a shooting schedule, and talk to Ian, my sister and my dad.

At 6:30pm, I drive with Gena and her family to the home of the marine artist Wyland, who is hosting a cast and crew party for Baywatch. You would undoubtedly recognize his work: very colorful posters of undersea life and beautiful painting of whales. He is a very nice man and it was neat to see his studio and socialize in his lovely seaside home. I spent most of the evening huddled in a corner with David and Michael Berk, the producer who is writing the script, discussing changes to our story line. I drove home at 9pm and tried to stay up for my favorite show that I never get to watch until it comes out on video, “Sex and the City”, but it came on too late and I couldnt keep my eyes open.

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