Baywatch Diary – Day 4

Even though it is Sunday, I get up at 6:45am so I can get in the pool before the kids do. The pool guy is cleaning the pool with one of those vacuum cleaners and I have to swim around the hose and under it, but no matter – I am grateful to otherwise have the pool to myself. It is an “L” shape, so to make every lap longer, I swim at and angle around the pool, and I must say, after four days here I am now expert at banana-ing (a movie term, meaning traveling in a slight curve) through my hour swim.

After the pool, I get on my stationary bike, because hey, I have to be in a bikini tomorrow! I have never been in a two piece bathing suit on Baywatch, because I have a scar that goes from my sternum down to my belly button, and two smaller scars where the drainage tubes came out. This was from two big surgeries I had when I was 16 and 18 ( 1979 and 1981), when there was no such thing as laparascopies (those operations where the incisions are tiny). I had had a cyst in my bile duct and the first surgery took 12 hours, so my scar was pretty noticeable until I had a doctor redo it with 1999 technology and now I am hoping that it wont be seen, with a bit of body makeup to cover it up. Look for it when the show comes out and tell me if you see it (I am hoping it will look like ab muscles!). So anyway, on the bike I continue to read my book “The Best Little Boy in the World Grows Up”, which keeps me entertained for an hour.

Boy, do I sweat here in Hawaii! I wring out my clothes after riding that bike! After I finish working out, I go to the launderette here in the hotel. I knock on John Allen Nelson’s (“Cort”) door to see if he has any clothes I can add to my small load, but he isnt in, although I do meet the “marine coordinator” (in charge of the boats and equipment for all our water work), Jimmy. We Baywatchers have taken over this hotel! I see Carmen doing a segment of her new show “Living Large” (a show featuring people who have gone from being poor to being successful and rich, I think). Boy, she is a trooper to work on her day off!

Waiting for the laundry to dry, I start a scarf with the blue yarn I brought here, and I call Michael, who is doing the final rewrite, to comment about a scene I am shooting tomorrow. I need to see a script so I can start learning my lines for tomorrow!!!!! I am not like Billy Warlock, Yasmine and David, who have all been on soaps and can learn lines in a heartbeat! I know I am being a pest. Michael assures me it will be out this afternoon.

While I am taking a nap, John calls to ask me if he can get me anything from the health food store, and we laugh that I had knocked on his door to see if I could do his laundry, and now he is calling to see if he can get me so healthy food. He is a wonderful friend, and I am lucky to know him.

At 4pm I get the new script (yellow pages – I had thought green was after blue, but I guess not…), and Gena and I read through our scenes. The dialogue coach, Scott, comes by to help – he will be on the set from time to time to go through the actors’ lines if they need to. I want to watch “Sex and the City”, but I figure the work is more important, so it stays on “mute” the whole time, so I have no idea what happened in the season finale (which is fine, as I havent seen any show from this season anyway). David wanders by, talking on his cell phone to his mom (my room is on the beach next to his, so he sees us working and comes in), and the four of us chat for a bit. He asks us to go to dinner with him but Gena and I decline (bikini scenes… ok I know it is unhealthy, but hey that is showbiz!). I wonder how it is to be David Hasselhoff, going out to dinner. Alot of people come up to him for autographs I know, and he is always so kind to them, but it must be hard to not have privacy. David probably wouldnt go out to eat alone, would he? I suggest he call John, who is probably home from the health food store, but John has just ordered room service.

I must go learn my lines for tomorrow. At 7am there is a blessing on the set, so even though my call time (when I have to go to makeup/hair/ wardrobe) is 9am, I want to be there for that. Shall I swim before or after?

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