Baywatch Diary – Day 6

I am going to stop telling y’all about my morning workout, because it is soooo redundant! Just assume that I am either riding the stationary bike or swimming in the pool for an hour before work (and more likely riding the bike, as my swim goggles leave indents around my eyes for hours and hours – not good if I am going in front of the camera!). Speaking of cameras, I promised our-best-webmaster-in-the-world-Vietly that I would take alot of pictures, and today I did, but my camera battery died all of a sudden, so I am stuck until I can get into town to get another one! But I am going to try and go tomorrow as Pamela is here and only shooting for 2 days, and I want to include her in my photos.

Today was my big fight scene with “Neely”, Gena Lee Nolin. My voice is now hoarse from yelling at her (in the scene only), my feet hurt from the high heels, and I am bruised from our onscreen tussle. She and I (this is Baywatch!) had to go in the pool fighting, so we got pretty cold after a while. No matter – it was fun! And chaotic – alot of bikinied extras, alot of onlookers, alot of press, and some muckety mucks from Fox television who wanted to add some extra insults into our brawl at the last minute. There is also hotel construction going on, so you had to raise your voice between takes if you wanted to be heard. Billy Warlock, who has been doing soap operas for years, and now appears on General Hospital, laughed amid it all and said that he was beginning to appreciate being on a soap where everything ran like a well oiled machine, like clockwork. We wrapped at 6:30pm, but we still have more of the fight scene to do first thing tomorrow. Ouch, I am sure it hurts production to be behind, as our 14 day schedule is so chock full that I dont know how we can catch up. We have 2 units and 3 cameras working at all times, but it is still going to be a huge challenge to stay on schedule.

We are on the “goldenrod” pages now – (I was wrong: it goes pink, blue, yellow, green, goldenrod…) and I bet we get to the blues again at least! But the script is getting better each time, I must say.

I am exhausted, so I must go to bed. I have to be on set at 7:30am, and you know I have to you-know-what before I start work…

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