Baywatch Diary – Day 7

We had a moment of silence on the set in memory of those who died a year ago today. It seems like longer than that that I sat at the Red Cross waiting to give blood, unable to hold back tears as more and more people came through the doors wanting to help. Ironically, September 11 has made me more gentle, more peace-loving. I guess I stopped taking peace in America for granted that day, and I began to look for more calm and grace in my everyday life.

It is a beautiful, sunny (my sunburn now attests to that) day on the North Shore, and Pamela Anderson’s first day of work. She got in very late last night, so I dont see her until she walks up to me to give me a big hello hug. She looks wonderful, and seems very happy and relaxed. She is only here for 3 days, so she didnt bring her kids, as one of them has just started kindergarten. Pamela says this is her last project, that she is tired of tv and movies and she just wants to be home with her sons. I am not sure she really means that, but we will see. Anyway, it is great to see her, and she has a wonderful part in this tv movie. It is written for her comedic zaniness, and she will do a great job. I dont have scenes with her today -I am all day in the pool and on the water slide with Gena and then Gena’s stunt double – and Pamela shoots on the other end of the pool deck. I see her from afar and she is like a light – all white dress and blonde hair, quite a vision. I can totally see why she is such a big star, even from my vantage point on top of slide.

I spend all day in the fight scene, and I have the bruises to prove it. I really like going down the slide (wheeeeeee!), but it is more challenging when you have to cat scratch someone’s eyes out as you go down! Still, Gena and I had a good time. She was wrapped before lunch, and then I had to repeat all my moves with her stunt double for my closeups. The irony is that those 2 days of shooting will be cut down to a 2 minute scene.

It was Carmen’s first day today, and she looked great. I regret that I have only a couple scenes with her, as she is so sweet. Michael Bergin cheered Gena and I on from his hotel room balcony, and then, true to form, mooned us in appreciation. John and Billy’s scene was moved up from a 1pm call to 10am, so maybe we are back on schedule? Jason was in the first scene with Stacey and then they were wrapped for the day. Gosh, I unfortunately have no scenes with them. Both are Hawaiian and did Baywatch Hawaii (I think the island mandated that the show hire some Hawaiians, which is awesome. As you know, I have always complained that Baywatch is too White, so I was very happy) and boy oh boy they are soooooo good looking! And very nice too! (I dont want to get too superficial here, but it is hard to avoid the looks issue when these two young actors walk into the makeup trailer, bronzed and bathing suited). Yasmine didnt work today, she was enjoying her honeymoon with Paul, and David had the day off too. I saw Brande at the service this morning and we spoke of girly things – like love relationships.

Tomorrow most of the cast is working together in a big party scene which should be fun. Actually, everyone will be in it but Angelica Bridges (“Taylor”), who arrives on Friday. I have never met her, and I am looking forward to it.

I have to put some more aloe vera on my sunburned back. And I am a prune from being in the pool all day!

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