Television Series:
(2001-) Winning Women Series Host
(2001-) Earth Talk Today Co-host
(2001-) Loyal and Brave (pilot) Series Host
(2000-) Wild Waters Series Host
(1999) Melrose Place Role: Terry O’Brien
(1997) L.A. Firefighters Role: T.K. Martin
(1996) Daytona Beach (pilot) Role: Annie Gibson
(1992-1997) Baywatch Role: Lt. Stephanie Holden
(2013) Stars in Danger Special
(2013) Mentor (web series) Role: Alexandra
Film & Television Movies:
(2016) Sharknado 4 Role: Holden
(2015) The Bride He Met Online Role: Detective Terry Shumacher
(2014) FireQuake Role: Dr Eve Carter
(2014) Dirty Role: Assistant DA Sara Dunlap
(2012) Love at The Christmas Table Role: Eve
(2011) Christmas Spirit Role: Winnie
(2011) Betrayed at 17 Role: Michelle Ross
(2010) 16-Love (aka Smash) Role: Margo
(2010) The Boy She Met Online Role: Tori Winters
(2010) A Beer Tale (aka The Frankenstein Brothers) Role: Laurie
(2009) Christmas Crash Role: Christine Johnson
(2008) A Sister’s Secret (aka A Sister’s Revenge) Role: Katherine
(2008) Javelina Role: Lora Palmer
(2008) Family of Four Role: Janice
(2008) A Date With Murder (aka Role: Stacey
(2007) Tru Loved Role: Leslie
(2007) In My Sleep Role: Roxana
(2007) Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness Role: Mall Gal
(2007) Demons From Her Past Role: Allison
(2006) Who Killed The Electric Car? Role: Herself
(2006) He’s Such a Girl Role: Linda Jacobs
(2006) Borat Role: Herself
(2006) Hotel Room (aka Trapped) Role: Samantha Reed
(2006) Gospel of Deceit Role: Emily Wendell
(2006) A.I. Assault (aka Shockwave) Role: Marion
(2005) Love Thy Neighbor Role: Laura Benson
(2005) The Core: Boiling Point (aka Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York) Role: Susan Foxley
(2005) A Lover’s Revenge Role: Liz Manners
(2004) Saving Emily (aka Blood Trap) Role: Cheryl
(2004) Landslide Role: Emma Decker
(2004) 10 Attitudes Role: Leslie
(2003) A Woman Hunted Role: Lainie Wheeler
(2003) Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding Role: Allison
(2002) Breaking Up Really Sucks Role: Charlie
(2001) Above and Beyond Role: Jill Amorosa
(2001) Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534 Role: Kate
(2001) Facing the Enemy Role: Olivia McCleary
(2001) Exposure Role: Jackie
(2001) Diary of a Sex Addict Role: Katherine
(2000) Role: Kara Banks
(2000) Redemption of the Ghost Role: Audrey Powell
(2000) Green Sails Role: Laura
(1999) Eternal Revenge (aka Fallen Angel) Role: Laura Underwood
(1999) Arthur’s Quest Role: Caitlin Regal
(1998) 12 Bucks Role: Mother
(1997) Kiss and Tell Role: hairstylist
(1997) Echo Role: Olivia
(1997) Naked in the Cold Sun Role: Dahlia
(1996) House of the Damned Role: Maura South
(1996) Kid Cop Role: Sarah Hansen
(1996) Spy Hard Role: woman in the Murphy Bed
(1995) Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise Role: Lt. Stephanie Holden
(1995) Cyber Bandits Role: Rebecca Snow
(1995) Danielle Steel’s ‘Mixed Blessings’ Role: Beth
(1995) Nightwatch Role: Sabrina Carver
(1995) Piranha Role: Maggie McNamara
(1994) Nothing to Lose Role: Natasha
(1994) The Paper Boy Role: Melissa
(1993) Death Train Role: Sabrina Carver
(1993) Sunset Grill Role: Anita
(1992) Kuffs Role: the Chief’s Wife
(1992) Prey of the Chameleon Role: Carrie
(1991) In Between Role: Amy
(1991) Millions Role: Giulia
(1990) After the Rain (aka The Passage) Role: Annie
(1990) Laker Girls Role: Heidi/Jenny
(1989) Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin Role: Amy Hastings
(1989) Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson Role: Amy Hastings
(1989) Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder Role: Amy Hastings
(1988) Out of the Shadows Role: Jan Lindsey
(1987) Dragnet Role: Connie Swail
(1986) 8 Million Ways to Die Role: Sunny
(1985) American Flyers Role: Becky
(1984) Getting Physical Role: Kendall Gibley
(1984) Just the Way You Are Role: Bobbie
(1983) American Nightmare Role: Isabelle
(1983) Christine Role: Leigh Cabot
(1982) Paper Dolls Role: Laurie Caswell
Other Works:
(2001) TV commercial for Women’s Entertainment Network
(1997) TV commercial for Bally’s Total Fitness
(1997) Infomercial for Power Train
Co-wrote and co-produced two educational films on overpopulation and consumption/materialism.
Notable Guest Appearances:
(2008) Mad Men Role: Pauline Phillips
(2003) She Spies Role: Capt. Christine Black
episode # 2.5
(2000) Chicken Soup for the Soul Role: Leann Richards
episode # 1.22
(1998) Love Boat: The Next Wave Role: Gillian Stanfield
episode # 2.5
(1995) Baywatch Nights Role: Stephanie Holden
episode # 2.19
(1993) Johnny Bago Role: Erica
episode # 1.6
(1986) Hitchhiker

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