12 Bucks

Plot Summary:
Two young boys are faced with their father’s brutal abuse of their mother. One picks up a gun and their lives are forever changed. The shooter goes on to a life of crime, while the other is put in a foster home and goes on to be a successful college student. Fifteen years later, the two are re-united. The jailbird (Sean Graham) tells his brother (Scott Waugh) he needs him to vouch for him at the parole office. Reluctantly agreeing to go, it isn’t until the trip starts that the college man discovers that they are going to Florida and not to a local parole office in California. Forced to travel across country, the two develop a new awareness of each other and of their own life problems.


Scott Waugh … Johnny
Sean Graham … Tanner
Alexandra Paul … Epiphany Lovejoy
David Chokachi … Evil Lovejoy
Matthew Fishman … Young Johnny
Nick Bentley … Young Tanner
Damon Whitaker … Myles, Quick, Flash, Gatekeeper
Mik Scriba … Sgt. Angry / Lt. Brawler
Jonathan Silverman … Hyper
Finola Hughes … Classy
Glenn Morshower … Stocker
R.C. Everbeck … Spineless
Thyme Lewis … Shopper
Mary Deno … The Switcher
Tom Robb … Harlee

Publicity / Behind The Scenes Photos:

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