Betrayed At 17

Plot Summary:
A mother (Alexandra Paul) vows to get justice when her daughter Lexie (Amanda Bauer) dies, distraught over a sex video gone viral. Who put out the video? Who killed Lexie’s boyfriend just days later? Things get worse when Alexandra’s son (Jake Thomas) is accused of the murder and Alexandra has to protect her daughter’s reputation and her son’s life.

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Drama/Suspense Thriller

Alexandra Paul … Michelle Ross
Jake Thomas … Shane Ross
Katie Gill … Carleigh Taylor
Paula Trickey … Brenda Garrett
Amanda Bauer … Lexi Ross
Andy Fischer-Price … Greg Nickels
Derek Phillips … Detective Morris
Joe Penny … John Taylor
Blaise Embry … Jared Fostmeyer
Nicole Cannon … Gina Wilson
Veralyn Jones … Janet Wilson
Charles Hoyes … Trent LeClure
August Emerson … Cullen

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