Death Train

Plot Summary:
A German Scientist has aided an ex Soviet general in constructing a nuclear weapon which is now in the possession of an American mercenary heading across Europe in a hijacked goods train. Malcolm Philpott, a member of UNACO, (United Nation Anti Crime Organization) must use a team of hand picked agents from various parts of the globe to stop this death train at all costs.

Action / Thriller

Pierce Brosnan …. Michael Graham
Patrick Stewart …. Malcolm Philpott
Alexandra Paul …. Sabrina Carver
Ted Levine …. Alex Tierney
Christopher Lee …. General Konstantin Benin
John Abineri …. Dr. Karl Leitzig
Nic D’Avirro …. Major Gennadi Rodenko
Clarke Peters …. C.W. Whitlock, Ph.D.
Andreas Sportelli …. Lieutenant Sergei Kolchinsky
Ron Berglas …. Roger Flint
Vili Matula …. Sigi
Lorrie Marlow …. Yolanda Sanchez


Behind The Scenes Photos:

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