Paper Dolls

Plot Summary:
The pilot film for the ABC series of the same name, Paper Dolls concentrates upon two pretty teenagers: Taryn Blake (Daryl Hannah) and Laurie Caswell (Alexandra Paul). Prodded on by their ambitious mothers (played by Joan Hackett and Jennifer Warren) and further exploited by a ruthless agent (Joan Collins), the two otherwise normal girls are transformed into 2,000-dollar-per-day fashion models. Although the glamour and excitement of the modeling world is thrilling at first, both Taryn and Laurie suffer mightily at the hands of those older than themselves. To make matters worse, both girls are thoroughly ostracized by their fellow teens.


Daryl Hannah …. Taryn Blake
Alexandra Paul …. Laurie Caswell
Jennifer Warren …. Dinah Caswell
Joan Collins …. Racine
Joan Hackett …. Julia Blake
Marc Singer …. Wesley Miles
Antonio Fargas …. Oliver
Barry Primus …. Alan
Craig T. Nelson …. Michael Caswell
William Bryan Curran …. Gareth
Jeffrey Richman …. Conrad
Eric Stoltz …. Steve
Lilibet Stern …. Kelly
Michael Edwards

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