Perry Mason: The Case of The Lethal Lesson

Plot Summary:
Ken Malansky is a law student attending a class being taught by Perry Mason. When a friend tells him that his girlfriend was assaulted by a fellow student, Ken rushes to the university’s mock courtroom to confront him and finds him dead. The murder weapon was Ken’s own knife. Perry is reluctant to take on his case, especially since the victim was the son of a close friend.


Raymond Burr … Perry Mason
Barbara Hale … Della Street
William R. Moses … Ken Malansky
Alexandra Paul … Amy Hastings
Brian Keith … Frank Wellman Sr.
Brian Backer … Eugene
John DeMita … Scott McDonald (as John De Mita)
Karen Kopins … Kimberly McDonald
John LaMotta … Bartender Al (as John La Motta)
Charley Lang … Travis Howe
John Allen Nelson … Frank Wellman Jr.
Mark Rolston … Vic Hatton
Raye Birk … Sam Morgan

Publicity / Behind The Scenes Photos:

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