Perry Mason: The Case of The Musical Murder

Plot Summary:
Perry has been in hospital for a knee operation but, while recovering, he sees Johnny out of the window. Johnny was a ex-stage manager for a musical called Polly in which while the star, film star, Amanda Cody, is scoring a big success, it’s director Tony Franken is a right monster and after tearing through the cast and crew fires Johnny after Johnny stands up for himself. That night, Tony gets a phone call, goes down to the theatre and is shot. The police arrest Johnny and when Perry comes forward with the alibi Amanda begs Perry to represent Johnny. While Perry and Della investigate the murder, Ken and his fiancee Amy investigate the theatre’s security guard Parker Newton, a huge man who got a very nasty temper but has the key to solving the murder…


Raymond Burr … Perry Mason
Barbara Hale … Della Street
William R. Moses … Ken Malansky
Alexandra Paul … Amy Hastings
Debbie Reynolds … Amanda Cody
Jerry Orbach … Blaine Counter
Dwight Schultz … Tony Franken
Luis Avalos … Judge Robert Morano
Mary Cadorette … Leslie Singer
Alexa Hamilton … Kate Ferrar
Valerie Mahaffey … D.A. Barbara August
James McEachin … Lt Ed Brock
Jim Metzler … Johnny Whitcomb
Lori Petty … Cassie
Henry G. Sanders … Harry

Publicity / Behind The Scenes Photos:

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