Rough Air

Plot Summary:
Flying high in a stormy sky over the icy North Atlantic, Flight 534 wants nothing more than to get home after many delays in London. Suddenly, the sound of tearing metal screams through the cabin as the luggage hold door has rips open and sends the plane plummeting into a nose dive toward certain death. Flying debris knocks the Captain out and First Officer Hogan (Eric Roberts) will have to save the flight …if he can. Hogan battles with his confidence as he relives a near deadly landing on his last flight. His ex-girlfriend Katy (Alexandra Paul) is also working the flight as a flight attendant – only she knows just how shaky Hogan’s nerves are. When every second counts… A hero can make the difference between life and death.


Eric Roberts …. First Officer Hogan
Alexandra Paul …. Flight Attendant Kate
Mark Lutz …. Ty Conner
Susan Aceron …. Susan Lee
Alexis Cassar …. Lex
John Furey …. Kevin Muldoon
Larissa Gomes …. Margo Hilling
Kelly Ivey …. Ripley
Daryn Jones …. Kerry Sanders
Kevin Jubinville …. Brooks
Anne Openshaw …. Tracey Nichols
Leah Pinsent …. Sarah
Eliza Roberts …. Mrs. Sanders
Ryan Scott …. Sam
Russell Yuen …. Roger Lee

Promotional & Behind The Scenes Photos:

Official Trailer:

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