Saving Emily

Plot Summary:
Cheryl discovers that her daughter Emily has leukemia. She’s forced to turn to her ex-husband Kurt, a shady ex-con just released from prison, in order to find a cure. Cheryl will find herself drawn further and further into the dangerous world of her long-lost husband in the hopes of helping Emily. Will she be able to save her child without jeopardizing her own life? Find out! Starring Alexandra Paul, Bruce Boxleitner and Michael Riley. Also known as Blood Trap. Click here to watch the trailer.

Suspense Thriller

Alexandra Paul …. Cheryl
Bruce Boxleitner …. Gregory
Michael Riley …. Kurt
Annie Bovaird …. Emily
Corinne Conley …. Grandma Wilton
Barry Flatman …. Uncle Theo
Sophie Gendron …. Taylor
Chuck Shamata …. Russo
Lorraine Ansell …. Det. Morrison
Keara Johnston …. Michelle
Leigh Anne McKeage …. Baby Emily
Christina Sauvé …. Waitress

Behind The Scenes Photos:

Official Trailer:

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