Tru Loved

Plot Summary:
Tru (Najarra Townsend), a high school student from San Francisco, is uprooted by her lesbian moms (Alexandra Paul and Cynda Williams) and moved to a conservative suburb. Her non-traditional family makes her an outsider until high school quarterback Lodell takes an interest in her. Lodell is closeted. Tru becomes a friend with whom he can be himself, unlike with his mom (Jasmine Guy), grandmother (Nichelle Nichols), and closest pals. When Tru hears the closed-minded comments about homosexuality from Lodell’s friends, she establishes the school’s first Gay-Straight Alliance. She meets Trevor (Jake Abel), a smart and charming young man being raised by his gay uncle (Bruce Vilanch). Tru begins a romance and fights for social justice as her unconventional family faces familiar struggles.

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Najarra Townsend … Tru
Jake Abel … Trevor
Alexandra Paul … Leslie
Cynda Williams … Lisa
Matthew Thompson … Lodell
Elaine Hendrix … Mrs. Muller
Alec Mapa … Mr. Bushnell
Tye Olson … Walter
Bruce Vilanch … Daniel/Minister
Nichelle Nichols … Grandmother
Jasmine Guy … Cynthia
Jane Lynch … Ms. Maple
Joseph Julian Soria … Manuel
Marcia Wallace … Mrs. Lewis
Vernon Wells … Coach Wesley
Tony Brown … Principal Velasquez
Peter Bedard … Dom
Shani Pride … Tiffany
Jenn Shagrin … Adrienne
Thomas Saunders … Emmet
Ellie Gerber … Rhonda
Howard Booth … Joe
Bryan Erickson … Roberto

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