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Animal Rights Protest


Alexandra is interviewed at Zonnenfeld Dairy Farm protest Nov 14, 2017

DxE Open Rescue
Alexandra and her twin Caroline help in the investigation of a factory farm and the rescue of a calf 2017

Mother Jones Magazine
Article re: Alexandra’s open rescue of a calf at a factory farm
Article re: Alexandra’s open rescue of a calf at a factory farm

SuperNerds UK podcast
Skype interview about Christine, Baywatch and everything nerds like October 16, 2017

Human Overpopulation- Why Animal Activists Should Care 
Panel at Animal Rights Conference, Washington DC August 4, 2017

Christine Discussion with Keith Gordon 
Long on camera interview with Keith Gordon about filming the movie Christine June, 2017

Cryptic Rock magazine
In depth transcribed phone interview June 15,2017

Allegedly podcast 
Very fun, somewhat irreverent interview about (among many other things) the Baywatch movie, Lifetime movie titles and white privilege May 16, 2017

Vivir En La Tierra
Alexandra discusses the Baywatch movie and her coaching career (in Spanish) May 2017

Alexandra Reveals All About Baywatch, On-Set Romances & Borat, Jan 27, 2017

 Trainwreck’d Society blog
Q & A on acting, advice to young activists and what I’m up to Jan 27, 2017

Get it Girl TV
Morning show interview, October 2016

Veg News magazine;jsessionid=EB32224CA395874E09B04A5B128380F6?pageId=8578&catId=5
How to Fit Workouts in with a Full-Time Job by Alexandra Paul
written by Alexandra November 5,2016

Las Vegas Sun
Interview with Alexandra and others in the cast of American Flyers Sept 23, 2016

Absolutely Jason Stuart TV show
Talking Ugly Baywatch Girl, aging, health coaching and why Alexandra doesn’t eat honey    August 10,2016

The Liberationist magazine
Interview with Alexandra on her open rescue of pigs from a factory farm August 3, 2016

Malibu Surfside News
Newspaper article & photo on why Ian and I love electric cars May 20, 2016

The Today Show
Australian morning tv interview about the Baywatch movie, saving a life etc April 2016

Natural Awakenings
Magazine interview about health, fitness and philsophy of life 2015

Full Frame CCTV
Television interview with Jan Creamer of ADI about animals in circuses July 2015

Main Street Vegan Radio 
15 minute interview about being vegan and animal rights May 6, 2015

First Historians
Lengthy Q & A article ranging from my first job to whether my activism is too aggressive.  April 22, 2015

Viva Glam magazine
Alexandra’s interview with Viva Glam where she discusses arrests, makeup, her second hand ipad and why she finds Russell Brand irritating. March 2015
Radio interview on various topics (22 minutes) February 20, 2015

Girl Boner Radio
Going Green is the New Sexy with Baywatch Star Alexandra Paul
Also available on:
Eating disorders, overpopulation, civil disobedience Jan 29, 2015

Paleoceanic Interview: Alexandra Paul
Interview about the environment, diet and athletics Jan 28, 2015

Life & Style magazine
Life & Style Nov 24 2014
Still a Babe at 51! [their title, not mine] November 24, 2014

Life & Style Magazine online
We Catch Up to Former Baywatch Star Alexandra Paul!
indepth interview on health & fitness November 20,2014

Podcast interview with Alexandra 23 minutes 2014

Animal Voices Radio (start at 33:20)
Interview with Canadian FM radio station September 19, 2014

The Morning Show Channel 7
Sidney, Australia tv show interview August 5, 2014

Alexandra’s 9 blogs
Alexandra blogs about the adventures of being vegan! 2013

Baywatch Actress Talks Veganism and SeaWorld. July 9, 2014

Digital Journal
Baywatch actress Alexandra Paul talks acting and animal rights. July 8, 2014

Baywatch star Alexandra Paul is fantastic at 50 as she models black bikini
May 2, 2014

Absolutely Jason Stuart
July 2 2013 internet radio interview 
A November 2012 video interview

South Florida Sun-Sentinel,0,2320030.story
Spring 2012 newspaper interview on health & fitness and Swim Around Key West

Three of Alexandra’s 1990s radio interviews with Dr. Drew & Adam Corolla

Esquire Magazine
An excellent oral history of Baywatch – comments from many Baywatch folks, including Alexandra

Vegetarian Times
Veg Celeb: Alexandra Paul
Q & A with Alexandra on veganism, electric cars, overpopulation and swimming August 2012

The Palisades Post
Alexandra is interviewed after her 12.5 swim around Key West Florida, July 2012

vGirls Interview
Alexandra’s interview with vGirls on veganism.

Seven big problems for 7 billion people
Alexandra’s thoughts on overpopulation on

Q&A With Vegan Actor Alexandra Paul
PETA interviews Alexandra on veganism.

Culture Shocks
Alexandra’s interview with Culture Shocks on overpopulation.

Blog Talk Radio
Alexandra’s interview with Blog Talk Radio.

LA Talk Radio
Alexandra’s interview with Sheena Metal on LA Ralk Radio.

Road Ready?
Electric cars: are they really making a comeback? Correspondent John Larson explores the complicated challenge of weening cars off of fossil fuels.

A Talk With Alexandra Paul
Retro Junk interviews Alexandra about Christine, 8 Million Ways to Die and more.

Lights, Camera, EV Action!
An article about filming of the Plug In America PSAs Alexandra produced in June, 2010.

Live Natural Live Well
Live Natural Live Well interviews Alexandra about her activism.

By Pen or by Sword
By Pen or By Sword interviews Alexandra about her activism.

The Daily Green
Alexandra was chosen as one of 19 Greatest Ocean Heroes of All Time.

The Sheena Metal Show
Alexandra’s interview with The Sheena Metal Show on

Married, Without Children
Alexandra’s piece on the Huffington Post about the issue of global overpopulation.

Inside Sports Australia
Alexandra’s chats with Inside Sports Australia about her training routine and how she prepares for her long distance swims.

Solar Charged Driving
Alexandra’s chats about EVs, solar power and a greener world.

PBS NOW Interview
Alexandra discusses electric cars with PBS NOW.

Hellasgr Interview

Alexandra chats with Hellasgr about Baywatch. English version | Greek version

‘Christine’ Podcast
Alexandra discusses filming Christine with Natsukashi, film nostalgia site.

Plug In America Podcast
Alexandra’s podcast for Plug In America, a non-profit educational organization that promotes and advocates the use of plug-in cars, trucks and sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

Audio interview with EVcast, the podcast information on electric cars.

Sacramento Bee
An brief article in the Sacramento Bee newspaper about Alexandra and Caroline.

San Francisco Bay Times Interview
Interview with the San Francisco Bay Times about Alexandra’s upcoming movie, Tru Loved.

NextGear Video Interview
Video interview with NextGear at Renewable L.A., an eco fest celebrating renewable energy and transportation.

Energy Trek
Alexandra gives a tour of her environmentally friendly home.

Outlook Magazine Interview
Interview with Outlook Magazine about Alexandra’s latest movie, Tru Loved.

Dee Sloan Radio Show Interview
Interview with the Dee Sloan Radio Show about being an actress.

USAT Interview
Interview with USAT about triathlons.

Maui Channel Swim
Press release about the 9.5-mile ocean swim race that Alexandra recently completed.

Who Killed My Electric Car?
Alexandra’s commentary on about the death of electric cars.

Air America “Ring of Fire” Interview
Audio interview with Air America about Who Killed The Electric Car?.

Alexandra Paul On Electric Cars
Interview with PBS NOW about Who Killed The Electric Car?.

Air America “Ring of Fire” interview
Audio interview with Air America on ways Americans can protest.

ACLU Honors Alexandra Paul as Activist of Year
Interview with the Palisadian Post about being named ACLU’s Activist of Year.

Romance Made Electric
Interview with the New York Times about EVs.

Alexandra Paul: Action Hero
Interview with EV World about the GM vigil and protest.

The Chat
Interview with the Washington Post about the Bonaire EcoSwim 10K race Alexandra competed in.

Election Protection Project
Press release for a fundraiser that Alexandra co-chaired.

Un Café!
Alexandra’s interview with Un Café about Baywatch, politics and her activism.

Heroes for Humanity
Alexandra is a woman on a mission to save the world.

Being Alexandra
Caroline Paul (Alexandra’s twin sister) shares with us on what it’s like being Alexandra. Interview interviews Alexandra about the environment and being a vegetarian.

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