Being Alexandra

Friday, June 28th 2002

I just wanted to relate a funny story that you, Alexandra’s fans, might appreciate. As Alexandra’s twin, I often get mistaken for her. I’d say it happens at least twice a day, sometimes more. Its easy to spot the
beginnings of the “Oh My God That’s the Baywatch Actress” Syndrome: first, the nervous circling (accompanied by swift, secretive sidelong glances) and then the whispering (Yes! It’s her! I’m sure of it!) and then the Strategic Positioning, hoping that at least if one’s Nerve fails, some kind of fateful
collision will occur (I myself used these tactics when I once spotted writer Diane Ackerman at a hotel). Often people finally approach to ask for my autograph. I long ago vowed to always come clean and say that I’m not
Alexandra, just her twin, we’re identical, sorry.

Well, last night I was dining out with my partner and her parents in Honolulu, Hawaii and the wait staff started to look at me funny and acting more nice than perhaps was usual and I knew, okay, The Approach would start soon. Sure enough right before dessert a blinking shuffling, very embarrassed busboy (obviously wrangled by the rest of the staff on a seniority basis) came over with a very sweet smile to ask me whether I was Alexandra Paul and I said no, sorry, I’m her twin, the usual stuff. Then we all went back to eating. As I left I said good bye to the staff and waved to the busboy. Trish’s father was the last of us to leave and as he did so he leaned over and said, “You know, she was pulling your leg. She really is Alexandra Paul,” and the busboy winked back and said with a big grin “Oh I know. She didn’t fool me.”

Just to let all of you know, if you ever run into Alexandra and she says she’s not her, but her twin, then believe her (me)! No matter what the mischievous entourage tells you! Alexandra is too honest to lie to her fans, and I wouldn’t either.

Ciao, Caroline

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