Maui Channel Swim

Baywatch Actress Dons Bathing Suit Again…For 9.5-Mile (15.2 km) Ocean Swim Race in Hawaii

Los Angeles , CA , Monday, August 28, 2006 — Actress Alexandra Paul will compete in the solo category of a 9.5-mile ocean swim in Hawaii on Saturday, September 2. The race, which allows for only 10 solo swimmers, starts from the island of Lanai and crosses the Maui Channel to Kaanapali, Maui. Swimmers are expected to finish the crossing within 5 hours.

Each solo swimmer has an accompanying boat, which swimmers may not touch. The captain keeps a watch out for sharks and drops food to their athlete. In addition to 10 solo swimmers, there are fifty 6-person relay teams racing across the channel. (see

This is not Alexandra’s first foray into long distance sports. In 2004 she raced in a 6-mile swim off the Caribbean island of Bonaire , and she competed in the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon in 1997. She has also run several marathons, qualifying for the 1999 Boston Marathon.

Alexandra has already starred in 3 movies in 2006. She starred in 4 movies in 2005. She also has a cameo in the Fox film comedy, BORAT, and is featured in the documentary WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? – currently showing in theatres across the United States.

Why do a 9.5 mile swim at 43 years old? “Because I am stronger and more fit at 43 than I was at 33”, she says.

Click here to read Alexandra’s personal account of the swim.

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