Ask Alexandra January 2014

1) Hi Alexandra
What kind of car are you driving these days? Do you still have the white RAV4? I continue to ride that ol’ Harley but am taking a real hard look at the new Volt.

Hope you are doing well.
All the best—Cam

Hi Cam,

Just today, Ian and I were driving in our 2011 Chevrolet Volt and he said “This is such an amazing car, Alexandra. We can tool around on electric all day and then drive to San Francisco on gasoline if we need to”. We are currently getting an average of 130 miles per gallon, and she performs beautifully in all weather and road conditions (my friend Marshall prefers his Volt over his 5 Porsches).

We still have our 2002 RAV 4, which is full electric and gets 100 miles to a charge. We installed a refurbished battery pack at 98,000 miles and now there are 160,000 miles on the odometer. I love love love driving that car too!

There are wonderful electric motorcycles available – my friend Harlan has a shop here in LA, Hollywood Electrics. Check them out.

Let me know if you decide to go electric!

2) Hello Alexandra,
I admired the lifetime movie you did on body building. Seems like it was twenty years ago when I saw it. I just can’t remember the name. Would you be so kind to tell me , so that I may search for it?

Thank You so much!

Hi Kimberly,

Getting Physical is a CBS TV movie from 1984 (30 years ago!!!), starring myself, David Naughton and Sandahl Bergman. It does not seem to be on DVD, as I have tried to replace the old VHS copy I have but have never been able to. It was a lot of fun to shoot, as I played a fat girl turned body builder. I was cast a week before we began shooting, and did twice daily workouts even while filming, so that I could look somewhat realistic at the end of the movie when my character competes in a bodybuilding competition.

My trainer was the inimitable Franco Columbu, former Mr Olympia, Mr World, 2 time Mr Universe, and Arnold Schwarzennegger’s training partner. I still see Franco, as he is my chiropractor! I learned so much from Franco on that tv movie. He is a wonderful man.

That movie inspired a lot of people to work out, which makes me very happy. My dad was even watching a game show once and a contestant said she named her daughter Kendall after my character in the movie!

If you find anything on the tv movie, please let me know. I was sent a link last week to some photo stills from the movie being sold on EBay, but no DVD…

Thank you for writing.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Kelly Bailey says:

    I did email you how are you all doing? I’m doing fine I would you love to here from you and your sister and brother to I don’t have facebook but you all can still email me if you want to talk to you later okay?

  2. KELLY BAILEY says:


  3. Sujay says:

    Thanks for the answers Alexandra. Vietly, are we just down to 2 questions per month now? I would prefer 3, but its still great to read these questions and answers. 😀

  4. Kelly Bailey says:

    hi Alexandra Paul I well love to here from you and your brother & sister to and Ian to please email me on I do know Ian brother now but I don’t know if he has any sister or there name & I still don’t know is dad name is his dad still alive? talk to you later okay? from Kelly Bailey

  5. Kelly Bailey says:

    Alexandra Paul I would love to here from Wendy & Trish & Mindy to and your mom to and from Jonathan wife to talk to you later okay? from Kelly Bailey

  6. Kelly Bailey says:

    hi Alexandra Paul did are you getting my email that I’m senting to you please email me back soon when would be a goodtime to email you and Ian & your brother Jonathan & your sister Caroline you all can email me anytime you want to talk you all later okay? from Kelly Bailey

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