Ask Alexandra – October 2014

1) Hi Alexandra
Thanks for signing my “Christine”dvd at the 2012 National Plug in Day. Do you know if Plug in America will make a video/documentary about their work..? (With you in it of course;-)

Hi Kim,
I am so glad you are a fan of Christine and electric cars!

There is one behind-the-scenes video of the making of Plug in America’s 8 PSAs about the benefits of electric vehicles. Since I was a producer of the PSAs, I am interviewed, along with Fabio and many other EV drivers who volunteered their time to make these very clever spots. We had dozens of volunteers that day (yep it only took a day to tape them all).

You can see more of Plug In America’s video on its YouTube channel.

I look forward to seeing you at a PIA event or at a Christine screening!


2) Hi Alexandra, just wondering if you and Ian would consider doing the Hawaii Ironman again. It’s been a while and Todd and I need some incentive to start training again. It has been 13 years for me and 15 for him. Great to see you on here and all the inspirational things you do!

Hi Mark,

It has been 17 years for me! Unfortunately, I can no longer run due to knee problems, but Ian still does triathlons and has done several Ironman races after we did Hawaii in 1997. He is a triathlon coach, so we luckily still have the sport squarely in our life. I have turned to swimming, and on November 8 I swam 13.7 miles in the Reto Acapulco. It took me almost as long as an Ironman – 7 hours, 20 minutes!

If you are injury free and have the time, I hope you and Todd do another Ironman. You already know how personally rewarding it can be. Please let me know if you do!

Thank you for writing,

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