Ask Alexandra – October 2015

1) A couple of questions: What do you think of Bernie Sanders? Also, did you go to Burning Man this year?

Hi Rashaad,

I did not go to Burning Man this year, although I must say Ian and I had a wonderful time when we went a couple years ago. Just last week I told him I wanted to go back again sometime! It is an amazing experience and I encourage everyone (who doesn’t mind being dusty and living in a tent or a motor home for up to a week) to go!

I admire Bernie Sanders and I have donated to his campaign. His politics align more closely with mine than do Hillary’s, whom I have not forgiven for voting to start the Iraq War in 2003. Bernie voted against it. I was arrested (with my friend and webmaster Vietly) and spent 5 days in jail protesting the United States’ aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. I do not agree with his stance on guns but I see him as more progressive than Hillary as a whole.

I will vote for whomever is the Democratic nominee for President over any one of those GOP candidates. The Republican Party platform is a disgrace to freedom, the middle class, the environment, national security and the future. Trump is a bully and a blowhard, for one.

Best wishes,

2) I enjoyed paperboy1994. Came out when i was born lol i watched it since i was 6years old! How come your not doing another paperboy i grew up watching the flim loved it i still watch it. Do you have twitter so i can follow you? x Amanda Webb

Hi Amanda,

The good thing about following me on Twitter is that I will not overwhelm you with tweets! I mostly share information on animal rights, the environment and sometimes what professional things I am doing. You can find me @Alexandra_Paul.

I am glad you liked The Paperboy. The movie has a lot of fans and probably someday they will remake it.

Thank you for writing,

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  1. Phil says:

    Hugely disappointment in your comment. To say you will vote for the democrats choice to me makes you as big a part of the current political problem as anyone in office. whether I agree with your political stance or not I could at least respect your zeal and willingness to sacrifice your self for a cause. This is negated by the bland and lemming statement that you will always vote the party line. It is my firm belief that anyone who vote s the party line as though it is a religion that shall go unopposed is the bigger evil in the world vs the independent who thoughtfully considers each individual who seeks office. voting the party line is akin to slavery only worse in that it means that your moral compass shall always be pointed by another. You have lost my respect, I must assume you have little or not concern about this but I stand here none the less to tell you I can not see you as a passionate American and now only see you as a commodity owned mind body and soul by a group with little to no concern with those things you hold dear. following an ideology even when flawed will at least show you to be a person of some integrity but following a label of Zero value shoes you to be a mindless drone. I pity you and I pity our nation because I feel you represent the majority of people who await some higher power who will tell them what to think and how to think. You are a slave even if you don’t realize it yourself.

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