Ask Alexandra – Sept 2012

1) Hi Alexandra,
I know you had an ev1,how was your personal experience with this car? did you have any problems with it? and where do you stand on hho technology? Like what Stan Meyer was working on before his “mysterious” death?


Hi Robert,

I drove an EV1 from Dec 1996 (I leased one the first day the vehicle was available to the public) until 2003. It was an amazing car – a range of over 120 miles on a charge, beautiful handling, aerodynamic design. To learn more about my love affair with electric cars, including the EV1, go here.

Hydrogen vehicles are 4 times less efficient than a battery electric car and the infrastructure to fuel them will have to start from scratch (whereas we have electric outlets everywhere). Therefore, I have concentrated on promoted battery electrics, but I have nothing against scientists exploring hydrogen technology.

As for the water cars, I am not very technically minded, but my very smart engineering friends felt that it would not work as designed. Having said that, I admire any inventor who puts her or his heart and soul into something, like Stan Meyer did. And he sure got folks talking. If a water powered vehicle comes out in the next year or so, then it might be possible he was killed by bigger forces, but otherwise I suspect he died of natural causes.

Thank you for writing!


2) Hi Alexandra

I see you have a great friendship with Jaason Simmons (Logan Fowler on Baywatch), I wonder if you speak about the series, as influenced your career and if you know why he was not present in most seasons of baywatch, thank you very much.


Hi Angel,

Jaason is one of my closest friends, and actually we have plans to register voters together in Hollywood this evening. He is a terrific actor – if you met him you would see how shy and quiet he is, the exact opposite of his Baywatch character Logan Fowler. You can see Jaason being Jaason here and here and here.

He is a wonderful friend and I am so grateful we met during the show.

Jaason was on Baywatch for 48 episodes, for 3 seasons. He left the show in 1996 to pursure theater in London and meditate with monks in Scotland and he now lives in Los Angeles. You can see his website here:

I will let Jaason know you wrote in about him!

Thank you for writing,

3) Hello,

I am an actress, new to the business. I was wondering how your brother, Jonathan is doing? Do you know about a new website called is a new not-for-profit organization to help stop animal abuse. Please take a look at it. We want to help the cats, dogs,racoons and numerous other animals that are being skinned alive in China right now. Since we do not take money we ask that you spread the word to other people who have the money to help and donate to the organization of your choice such as STOP this as these acts of cruelty are of the worst we have seen in years! Our website can be seen, we made mention of your brother on our website when I seen the article on your website..hope this is alright…

Cheers, Jamie

Hi Jamie,

My brother Jonathan is doing very well. Thank you so much for asking. He is home with his wife (for background on Jonathan, click here) Jonathan works for an environmental forestry company and really enjoys being able to tend to our wildlands in a sustainable manner.

I went to your site, and I watched a couple very interesting videos. It is a good place to go to get a foundation on animal cruelty issues and how to help, so bravo! (the link to the post on my brother did not work, unfortunately, FYI).

Thank you for your strong commitment to animals. Having a website like that helps spread the word, so I commend you.



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  1. Michael Carr says:

    Okay… I haven’t known much about you, other than your Lifetime movies, which as a gay, I’m totally obsessed with. Learning about your extracurricular activities and activism in this complex world on Facebook today lends a whole new dimension of respect and admiration. Keep the faith, and the fight.

  2. CHRISTOPHE says:

    Bonjour Alexandra
    je m’ appelle Christophe je suis Français je réside en vendée non loin de
    l’ océan atlantique, j’ ai 52 ans le mois prochain, je me rappelle
    du feuilleton Alerte a Malibu il y a pas mal d’ années de cela, déja a cette
    époque je vous préférais physiquement a l’ autre actrice vedette de la série
    Pamela Anderson ( qui était trop superficielle).
    Vous étes belle, naturelle, grande et simple tous les qualités requises
    d’ une grande dame.
    Au plaisir de vous lire (en français merci)

  3. Alessandro Paciello says:

    Hi, Alexandra.

    My name’s Alessandro and I’m from Rio, Brazil. I started watching Baywatch as a teenager (I’m 33 now, almost 34) and the show was a great success here too. I remember when I first saw you at the 3rd season’s opening credits. That made me think: “Wow, THIS is a real lifeguard!” (For you had a very powerful energy while running on the sand and swimming, something I hadn’t seen before – nor after, I must say – with the other female lifeguards at the series). Time passed by, I grew up, internet developed a lot in the past two decades and, 20 years later, I’m here writing a post to that “real lifeguard” I used to enjoy watching on TV on my teenage days. That’s really cool! I’m glad to know that you’re a healthy and sporty person in real life too and that you are as worried about our planet as everyone should be. Thanks for being part of one of the “escape valves” I had in my life at the time (being a gay teenage guy in Brazil in the 90’s was pretty hard sometimes) and thanks for playing a small part at the conclusion of my English course fifteen years ago (only with extra motivational reasons – such as understanding song lyrics, movies and TV series – could anyone stand spending nine years in a twice-a-week English course). Congratulations on the Baywatch Diary (I’ve just read it and it’s awesome! You’re a very good writer and should definetely do that more often).

    Best wishes,

    Alessandro. (We have the same name, but yours is the English version and mine is the Italian one, for I have Italian origins).

  4. Kelly says:

    i did watch alote of baywatch to with Alexandra Paul in them to i do watch some other movie with her in them to i got her video of baywatch to i did tape her on baywatch to i did have her on my gameboy to & on my computer & i got book of her to & i do look at her all time to. i would love to here from her sometime

  5. Kelly says:

    hi Alexandra this is Kelly Bailey i do want to know if your mom & are still alive & is your sister & Wendy married & dose your brother & his wife a any kid? please us this email & not the other

  6. Tom Sandi says:

    Hi Alexandra,
    The funds you provided was directed towards the celebration of 2012 World Animal Day which included the donating two bundles of zinc to a Primary School, over 200 pupils feasting from 4 primary schools feasted on plant-based diet and radio discussion on vegetarianism and animal welfare. I have already mailed the report to you couple of weeks ago. Did you get it?

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