Ask Alexandra – September 2015

1) Hi Alexandra!
Not a question really, just a hello! I produced the song “Bless A Brand New Angel” that Robin & Judith Randall wrote for your Baywatch (a-hem…) funeral scene. Douglas threw me and Robin in the scene, (along with “YOU” in the blond wig! How many people know that little bit of BW history/trivia, right?!) Just heard about the new Baywatch movie in the works and started thinking about some of my most favorite involvement that I had in the shows music. I also produced “If I Could Touch You One More Time” “Friends Forever” “Only A Matter of Time” “Be The Best of Whoever You Are” and a few more. How about the 100th episode black tie gala in Marina Del Ray that we all attended? That was fun for me as well. Wishing you much heath and happiness in all your future endeavors!

Guy Marshall

Hi Guy,
“Bless a Brand New Angel” is a beautiful song and so fitting for Lt Stephanie Holden’s final montage. Thank you for making it so special!

I appreciate you jogging my memory about being in the blonde wig for my own funeral – I had forgotten that. Am I the one behind Yasmine Bleeth’s right shoulder? I had many laughs shooting Baywatch, and that was just one example of how we never took ourselves too seriously.

Those famous Baywatch montages and their songs were an important part of the show. Ironically, I heard that was one of the reasons that only a few seasons of the series were released on dvd – it was too expensive to get the music rights to all the songs in 12 years of episodes!

Great to hear from you again – thank you for writing.

2) What brand of necklace are you wearing in BETRAYED AT 17??? Love it

Hi Brenda,

If you are talking about the teardrop filigree necklace I am wearing in Betrayed at 17, I am afraid I do not know where that came from. It was either bought very inexpensively at someplace like Claire’s, or it came from the costume designer’s own collection. I recommend doing a search for “teardrop silver filigree necklace” and you will undoubtedly come up with something similar!

Best of luck!

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