My Favorite Politician

I texted Representative Dennis Kucinich today: The House will be a sad place without your courageous compassionate heart. Let me know where you land as I want to support you in your next chapter. Bravo to you. Peace and Love, Alexandra

Dennis lost the seat he held for 15 years as an Ohio Congressmen when his district was redrawn. I first heard about this amazing politician (Democrat, Ohio) in 2002, when he delivered a powerful speech urging his fellow members of Congress to vote against the resolution to go to war with Iraq. . I posted some of his speech on this site at the time. Since then, I have supported him for President and during his congressional races. Dennis is a man of strong character, who cares deeply about people, the planet and animals – a true crusader for justice. He also walks his peace-loving talk: He is a strong advocate for a Department of Peace and he has been a vegan since 1995. He says, “I hold the distinction of being the only vegan in Congress. I made this lifestyle change many years ago, because I consider all life on our Earth to be sacred. As a vegan, I choose not to eat any animals or animal products. I strive to live my life in accordance with my convictions, and any other choice of diet would defy my ideals and, in my judgment, be hypocritical.”

Kucinich was asked in 2009 what he would do if he were dictator of the U.S. for one day. He said that, in part, he would order everyone to eat vegan chocolate chip brownies.”

I have met many liberal politicians as they swing through Los Angeles on fundraising speaking tours. I respect most of them – they have an extremely difficult job and I believe they do their best to do the right thing. Dennis Kucinich, however, stands head and shoulders above them all . I hope he remains in politics, but wherever he goes, I will support his efforts to make our world a better, more peaceful place.

March 16

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