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Talk to me for more than 5 minutes and you get that I care a lot human overpopulation and animals rights. For the second half of my life, I am committed to reducing suffering, so have decided to focus on those 2 issues. They are both issues that are not mainstream, which is a main reason I have decided to concentrate on these areas. Enough pussyfooting around, we need to delve into the hard stuff!

On August 4, I was in Washington DC to talk about human overpopulation at the 2017 Animal Rights Conference – a melding of these 2 passions. On the panel with me were pro race car driver and activist Leilani Munter, who is a soul sister to me – she also sees how crucial it is to lower the world human population in a humane manner and to free animals from pain, cages and exploitation – and she is also a super environmentalist! – and Travis Rieder, a bio ethicist who has been in the media a lot talking about the ethics of the one child family. You can find the entire panel at

I hope you take the time to learn more about human overpopulation and why it is crucial we lower our birth rate to one child per couple. Below is my talk from the panel.

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